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Your mailbox will be deleted soon - SCAM OR TALKTALK ERROR - I AM PAID UP!

Team Player
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Hi Everyone,


Received a dubious email and hour ago ostensibly sent by TT from: <> :

Ever since been on online chat since I have paid my £50 last December to retain the Plus email service.  Online chat says they are looking into this and it may be an error.  Anyone ease had this erroneously?

Email reads:

As your mailbox is not attached to a broadband contract, and because you haven't signed up to TT Mail Plus, your mailbox will soon be closed down.
Your mailbox will be closed down from 29/06/2020, and your email address  will be permanently deactivated. Unfortunately, it won't be possible to recover the contents of your mailbox once it's gone.
If you'd like to keep your mailbox and email address, you need to subscribe to TalkTalk Mail Plus before 29/06/2020. Alternatively, if you come back to TalkTalk Broadband, TalkTalk Mail will be included at no extra cost.
I want to keep my mailbox
If you don't want to sign up for TT Mail Plus, please make sure to update all your online accounts with an alternative email address. It's important that you no longer use this email address as you might lose access to your online accounts when your mailbox is closed down.
You will also need to save any documents or contacts as soon as possible.
Your TalkTalk Team
If you have registered your email address in My Account or signed up to TalkTalk Mail Plus in the last 7 days please ignore this email.


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Mike Farnham

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I see this message is now listed on the phishing site.

Stevesurrey had been excellent and I appreciate your support too OCE_Ady.

I still have many run of the mill TalkTalk messages with no padlock, in fact, all of them apart from on from the anti phishing department.  Well done them.


Hope noone gets scammed.  Fingers crossed.



Mike Farnham

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Hi all, the advice offered by stevesurrey is good. TalkTalk will never send an email from a non TalkTalk email address not ever. We have no cause to use non TalkTalk domains.  If TalkTalk have sent you a mail it will be from 


If you provide the full email address I'll send it to security to investigate. Although you can forward the email to them directly using the email address You'll find more information about scam and phishing mails in the help with phishing mails help article.



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Finally found a padlock; interestingly enough, for the same message, it appears in the inbox but NOT when I search for all TalkTalk messages.


Time to go to bed.



Mike Farnham

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Your further messages appreciated but not a yellow padlock anywhere to be seen on webmail!


Sleep well.



Mike Farnham

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Just seen that the Padlock is mention in this TT Help article and also lists examples of recent phishing attempts, the first one of which looks remarkably like your original posting.



Eureka! Pipex mailboxes have migrated!

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I believe Tiscali addresses are all on the new email platform so you should also be seeing the padlock. Perhaps this pic will help.



Eureka! Pipex mailboxes have migrated!

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Tiscali Steve which is probably why I am paying £50 for an nth rate service with threats of disconnection possible, but not definitely, from the provider!


Your help appreciated.



Mike Farnham

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Sorry I may have been a bit vague as to where to find it.

Its very small and appears just before the senders email address.


It's possible that it only works with email addresses on the new email platform, but I dont know.

What domain is your email address on - the bit after the @ sign?

Eureka! Pipex mailboxes have migrated!

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Thanks Steve,

Have just searched all TalkTalk messages received and cannot see this anywhere.

Perhaps they are all fake or am I missing something?


Mike Farnham

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If you login to webmail for the relevant email address then a genuine message from TalkTalk will have a yellow padlock beside it in your inbox list.

Eureka! Pipex mailboxes have migrated!

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Thanks for your message Mike.


I was "assured" by live chat that it was probably en error although after I insisted they sent me a link to report a scam.  I seem to remember the email address from when we were fleeced in the first place.


Not convinced either way and, after asking who I contacted if my email account was deleted next Monday, received the usual platitudes meaning: queue up for chat for another hour we are not talking to anyone.


Two hours later I still have not received a transcript of my chat.


Shame Dido Harding went to NHS track and trace??! (although I seem to remember she may have been in charge when TalkTalk gave all our data away??







Mike Farnham

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It is clearly not a TalkTalk address which has sent this, so it does look like a scam.


I have raised this with the support team to investigate.

Mike Holdsworth
First Timer
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Hello Mike,
I have an email only annual fee for a long-standing tiscali address which I need to keep. I received the same email today from the address. I expect to receive a reminder re the fee when it is due not a threat of cut-off so I am hoping it is a scam