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email stopped working on Andriod

First Timer
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Help please ......  I have always had my email set up on the mail app on samsung but yesterday it logged out and asked me to re-enter my email and password. I did repeatdly but it came back with an error message 'the username or password is incorrect or pop3/imap access isn't turned on for this account'     


I have deleted the mail account and tried to re add it but I keep getting this message!  I have checked the imap and pop3 server settings and tried manually adding but nothing I still get this error message.  It is so frustrating as I have never not been able to access my emails  via my phone and  use it continually ....   can anyone help please?


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Thanks I have done this, yes my email is showing in the my mailbox in the dropdown section. I have tried changing the password but still  it will not connect and just keeps saying that the server isn't responding.

thanks for trying 



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The key thing is that you are a TalkTalk Consumer home broadband customer so your email address should work in webmail and email apps. So long as the email address is shown in your broadband customer MyAccount. 


Sign in to your TalkTalk MyAccount where you see your broadband bills etc., select My Services from the toolbar, select Manage TalkTalk Mail from the drop-down menu and your My Mailboxes should show the email address in question. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Hi Ady,   I replied to Gondola but think you may be able to help as I have raised the issue with them and they have told me to use server ""  whereas you (talk talk) are telling me to use "" but when I use this it says it is not responding.   Has talk talk changed the server details but not told Samsung? hence why they are unable to connect me as they using different one for my email type

If you coudl advise/help I would really appreciate getting this resolved.


Many thanks



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Hi Gondola,  thank you for your reply.    I've had my tiscali email since forever, before Talk talk aquired it I think.  Anyway I did used to pay £5.00 per month for the service until I joined Talktalk for home phone and broadband. I was told then that I didn't need to pay and they stopped taking the D/D. 

I have tried logging on using another phone and all it keeps saying is that the server ""  is not responding.  I have alos noticed that my laptop connection is erroring too.     When I queried the error message with Samsung they kept telling me to use to connect so I do wonder if talk talk have update their server connection and haven't made samsung aware!?!  I'm not techy so just throing this out there.

If my email has become restricted I can't see why and can't understand why the server is not connecting so would appreciate any help to get this resolved.


Many thanks



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Hi jet467 


Would you let us know about your status as a TalkTalk Consumer customer and the email address being added to your customer MyAccount.


And if you could update your Community profile please as indicated.


I believe that there has been a batch of legacy mail accounts restricted to webmail only access so we need to work out whether that restriction is appropriate or requires reversing in your case.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Support Team
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Hi jet467, Gondola has given you a thorough reply. If you need more help Gondola will let me know. 


Please let us know how you get on. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi jet467 


If you're not a TalkTalk Consumer (home broadband) customer your mailbox may get restricted to webmail only access unless you've subscribed to   TalkTalk Mail Plus to retain the use of a TalkTalk Mail email address.


If you have a mail message from TalkTalk about restriction or deletion of your TalkTalk managed email address and mailbox then add your TalkTalk mailbox address to a TalkTalk Consumer home broadband or MailPlus MyAccount to avoid deletion after 180 days. After 60 days the mailbox is restricted to webmail only access.


Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail

Enter your tiscali email address and password, select Sign in.


This is to check the password is working for the TalkTalk Mail webmail sign in.  Do you think the password is strong? A weak password and perhaps not using secure mail using SSL/TLS encryption can cause a similar problem when using mobile mail apps.


Webmail access via a browser can keep you going until we understand why your mail app access isn't working.


Prepare for TalkTalk Mail Support by including in your Community Profile:

  • Your name, current TalkTalk home 'phone number. An alternative (mobile preferred) contact number. Full address with postcode (Location)
  • Scroll down to Private notes to add your tiscali email address, notes and order reference etc
  • After checking and updating, Save changes

Select here: Update your profile


GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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