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Renew your contract

Your contract ends on

18 Sep 2020

When your contract ends, you move on to our standard price plan, so you may see an increase in your bill. Check now how much you can save with our fixed price plans

getting fed up contract finishes nov21
coco ***

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Hi @artlin2 


It's good that you know when your contract ends. i.e. on 21 November.


We understand that there is an issue with some customer MyAccounts not showing the renewal date correctly.


This MyAccount display issue should get corrected automatically. The LiveChat agents will be able to give you positive confirmation of your contract end date if you wish. But it looks like you are already ahead of the game on that score. So, don't worry.


TalkTalk support via LiveChat is here: Our LiveChat team.  Blue button for Chat now; Purple button when LiveChat is busy; Grey or no button when LiveChat is offline.

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