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tiscali emails: how do I keep them post 18th april?

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I received various messages from talk talk advising me tiscali would be closed on 18th april, did nothing about it because I thought it was a scam. I now hear that unless I pay £50 all my emails will be deleted on the 18th with no chance of getting them back. I can't get hold of anyone in talk talk. Any advice please? 


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Hi Gingip29 


How long ago was it that you signed up for an annual subscription to TalkTalk Mail Plus?


You should have received confirmation by email of the subscription and that should give you the TalkTalk MailPlus MyAccount number and the Direct Debit reference number.  Did you receive both of those numbers.


The Direct Debit does take 10 to 14 days for the banking system to set up and normally you'd receive confirmation from your bank so you can check the details and receive the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme details.


Have you successfully added mailboxes to the MailPlus MyAccount?

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Thank you for the response, very helpful. Sorry, just a couple of questions: 

I've joined talktalkplus and opted to pay yearly. However, no confirmation that payment has been taken. No card details provided.


Also, how can I now be sure that my emails are safe?

Many thanks,



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Hi @Gingip29 


If you're not a TalkTalk Consumer (home broadband) customer you may be restricted to webmail only access unless you subscribe to TalkTalk Mail Plus.


If you have a mail message from TalkTalk about deletion of your TalkTalk managed mailbox then deletion is after 180 days. After 60 days the mailbox has webmail only access.


However, TalkTalk has suspended the deletion of mailboxes during this period of Government special measures so that mail users can stay in touch with friends and family. The mailbox may still be restricted to webmail only access.


The sign in for TalkTalk Mail (webmail) for tiscali mail is here:


You do have the option of keeping your tiscali mailbox fully active by subscribing to MailPlus.


About TalkTalk Mail Plus 


It's entirely your choice. If you wish to migrate to using another mail service that's ok. You'll need to use another email address though as you'll not be able to migrate use of the tiscali mail address. If you need more time to migrate your mail use just let me know.


I'd suggest whatever you do that you save and backup your wanted emails as soon as possible.  If the mailbox contents are deleted by the system they'll not be recoverable.

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