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I was hoping someone may be able to help, as I'm a complete novice at tech.


We have internet in our home with Talk Talk. Internet is in my name and I pay the bill. My partner changed our tariff, I assume via online chat. We have now ended up with a different "router" it's the Eero.

Although it's in my name and I pay the bill, I am unable to access my eero account as my partner has set it up, so I don't know the password or have any idea how to access. I did try to download the app but couldn't do anything as my partner has the access.

For reasons I won't go into, is there any way I can reset the password/the app so I can have access? Seen as I pay the bill!


Thank you.


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Honestly? I think this is something you need to sort out amongst yourselves. There is no way that TalkTalk, or eero can help if your partner has changed the password. Other than if you have the original password as came with the eero? If so, use the reset button, download the app and take it from there. 


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I'm not sure how he did it all but I didn't have an issue as he's very tech savvy and just wanted to get faster internet and we got a good deal. The issue was when a few weeks ago he mentioned having hacked into my phone/knowing what I'm doing and stating "don't you forget, I'm tech savvy and know how to do these things. I know exactly what's on your phone" i know for certain he's aware of websites I've visited and even blocked things. 

Hence I want access to the account I pay for.


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It sounds as though your partner has pulled the wool over the eyes of the agents.


Nobody should have changed the account, if they haven't been authorised as a nominated user, @Technicallyconfused.


You've probably looked at all these links already?



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.