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Fibre 150 using FritzBox 7590 - great success eventually

Enlightened One
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Just to say that, this morning, I had Fibre 150  installed by a very efficient Morrisson;'s technician and connected it to my existing FritzBox 7590 router. It was not a case of 'plug and go' as there were some settings that needed to be made once I changed the router configuration to fibre. I have to say that the information that I came across at  

did not work. Eventually I got access to the internet  by entering my username (the article stated that it was not required) and set the VLAN-ID to "0" (the article stated '101'). However once I made these changes the internet sprang to life and all is good, including my landline calling through the FritzBox.


The reason that I wanted to use the FritzBox rather than the Amazon eero and voice adapter supplied was that I need more than one LAN connection for my network.


Given that it is all working I have an unused 'eero' and voice adapter. Can these be returned (I hate waste) and if so would a credit be made?


By the way, it's a long, long time since I last posted which indicates that I am a happy customer.


Take care, stay safe and thanks to all who continue to administer this forum which I have always found incredibly useful on the occasions that I have had issues.


Chris Ford    


Support Team
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Hi Chris


Was this a Openreach or City Fibre install?