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Internet Down [SOLVED + Updated]

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Edited 6/3 because replying doesn't work for me: Fixed.

This should come as no surprise to anyone but Live Chat is just as useless as phone support always was. I was told by them "there was an outage at the exchange and an engineer is investigating" several times. It wasn't until the excellent staff here on the forums looked into it that they ACTUALLY booked an engineer. The engineer found the fault which was corrosion on my line right outside the house, and told me that my fiber has NOTHING to do with the exchange at all.

So thank you to the forum staff for getting this fixed just in time for me to avoid paying another £20 for that useless EE wi-fi thing, much appreciated 🙂


Apologies for reposting this, but for some reason I can't reply to threads. Hitting reply just refreshes the page.

As stated in my previous post regarding this, it went down Friday evening, then came back up again while talking to Live chat. They said there was an outage at the exchange.

It then went down again a few hours later. Came back up for a couple of hours Saturday afternoon before dying again. I contacted Live Chat again and they said the same thing as last time and stated that an engineer was due to check it out.

It's been down since.

Not quite sure how I'm going to have a discussion about this on here if it won't let me reply.


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Hi Infernalw,


To investigate further we'll need to arrange an engineer visit. if you'd like us to do this please let us know and we'll confirm some details with you