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Sync Speeds suddenly been decreased / dropped

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On Fibre 65 and would regularly get around 77 down / 14 up using a wired connection


Last few days only getting 

45.4 down and 10.8 up

The above are the latest figures from the router interface after a restart - how do I get the speed back to what it was, and had been for 2 years?

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Hi Martin,


Line test is passing and sync speed is currently 80Mbps. Is the master socket the only telephone socket in your home?



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I don't know what your father's issue was, but your socket does not need replacing, just the faceplate. I know this may seem like a nicety, but there we are. You can happily continue using yours with the microfilter plugged in. And no need to chat, as I said earlier this has been flagged to the support team here and they will respond when they are back online tomorrow. 


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It's the socket that services the flat and was here when I moved in (rented) 


My father who is also with talktalk has issues recently and his socket was replaced


The master socket is one unit, provided for delivering the telephony and data services. If it has developed a fault this can only have been caused from connected equipment - talktalk router, or a surge from street cab - BT


Either way I pay talktalk for my services so they will need to resolve it. I'm not a homeowner and there is no damage to the socket.  It's a complete unit at the end of the day


Will initiate a chat with them tomorrow to see where we get to 






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I don't know where your source is for that, but the faceplate is not technically part of the master socket and is your responsibility as I am sure TalkTalk will confirm. 


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From what I can gather, the BT socket, including the faceplate, which has been provided and installed by BT is the responsibility of BT openreach.  


My responsibility starts with any equipment and / or extensions plugged into the socket.  As this is the master socket, with no damage and no extensions I believe this falls to TalkTalk to arrange a replacement non-faulty faceplate. 


Can someone from TalkTalk advise how we get this organised?  I've done further testing and the connection to the exchange is a sold 80/20 (down / up) when using the test socket with faceplate removed and a separate Micro Filter in place.  As soon as the faceplate with the built in filter is replaced it drops to around 44 - 46 / 15 - 17 (down / up)


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Not technically, the faceplate is serviceable and replaceable and is regarded as being on the user end of the connection. Openreach responsibility stops at the back of the master socket. 


At least you have identified the issue, you can get a replacement faceplate from a well-known online retailer. 



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No old sockets


So - plugged into a separate microfilter in the test socket with faceplate off - 80/20 connection.  Back into usual socket 45/16


Looks like BT socket at fault?





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It's worth trying in case the pre-filter has failed for some reason, it does happen. Do you have any old telephone extension sockets connected, even if no longer in use? 


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I have no voice equipment plugged in.  BT Wall socket is already filtered so haven't tried using a Micro Filter in test socket as yet.

Is that going to be necessary still?


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Have you noticed any issues with your voice service, such as noise on the line? This can impact on your broadband performance. Also, have you tried connecting your router at the test socket using a plugin microfilter?


Subject to that, this has been flagged up to the support team for you. Make sure that your personal details including TalkTalk phone number and/or account number are complete on your community profile (click here) so that they can link your forum identity with your account and then wait for them to respond.