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An idea.............

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Okay, so can the boxes be installed in a garage? I want to install in the garage, using a non wireless router, smart switches and powerline adapters.


The present position form where the cables enter my lounger is around 10 feet from where the install would take place in the garage. All I need to do is install a few more sockets.


If there is no voip box on the wall then the landline can be connected to the existing TalkTalk router on my desk and wireless network from there.


Any ideas about this? If so, I would consider the install of the fibre as no one would be required to access the house making it safer for my old vulnerable mum.


I can always box the wall boxes in if damp maybe a problem. Shouldn't be otherwise you could never have sockets in a garage 🙂


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Hi MerlinBengal,


As ferguson has said, this is something that you would really need to discuss with the installation engineer




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City fibre = nightmare


total shambles


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Also, it has occurred to me that your wireless connection may be poor from the garage. And what about connecting the phone? 


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OK, well I think you will have to discuss this with the installers again as and when the situation arises. I don't imagine that TalkTalk will be able to give you a definitive answer in advance, but let's see. 


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City Fibre do use the ducting but were willing to tap around the lower outside of my house (from the ducting) to install the fibre had the garden been clear and not a prickly jungle. Entry is not a problem, it is just whether they allow the equipment in basically an outhouse which a garage is. It is actually a shorter run to that garage maybe 12 feet than tapping around the outside of the house which would have been something like 40 feet.


It is whether they think the environment would suit the equipment. No chance of any water damage as well inside the garage. Dust free if boxed in.


I have not worked for BT for many years so policies change. I just know the technology as it is a field I have worked in for many years, electrical/electronics. Free air movement and no severe dampness is the main categories, plus clear from mechanical damage.


God my spelling has gotten atrocious.


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I believe you mentioned in one of your previous posts that you are an ex-BT engineer, so what do you think? Openreach would tend to use existing entry points, whether drop-wire, or ducting. City Fibre and others will connect at the nearest entry point to your home from their distribution point on the street.