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City Fibre - Full Fibre Upgrade

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This is a follow up question to my last (and only other post which was dated 17-10-2023) - If you can help me with this issue, please read my previous post to understand the background. In my previous post talktalk was going to upgrade my service to from my current package of Fibre65 to Full Fibre, however because I also have a landline with two analogue telephones connected to it (one at the master socket in my living room and a second at an internally wired copper extension outlet in my bedroom) talktalk cancelled this upgrade the night before the installation upgrade was due to take place - that was in the past but all still relavent to my current issue.

In December talktalk emailed me again saying this upgrade could again go ahead, and I set the upgrade date for the 4th of March. Today I received a telephone call from a person in talktalk named Albert - he said he need to confirm my upgrade date and confrim that I would be home to allow the engineers access and that I was happy to proceed with the upgrade. I explained to Albert about the last attempt to carry out this upgrade and the fact that I had two analogue telephones connected to my landline, which I wished to continue using after the upgrade. I also explained about your Grandstream - Digital Voice Adapter & and about speaking to your technical Department on the previous occasion to confirm that it would work with my two analogue telephones. I asked him if city fibre would be providing the new router and digital voice adapter when they carried out this upgrade. When he looked at the order he told me it was for a router only and there was no mention of a digital voice adapter. He said he would have to get talktalk customer services to call me back about this order and our call ended. So I am now waiting on talktalk customer services calling me back to find out whats going on - this is the reason for this post - to ask if there is anyone here who can provide assistance, because I can see this going the same way as when talktalk tried to carry out this same upgrade back in October last year, i.e. it being cancelled at the last minute, and by the phone call I just received from Albert - it does not give me any confidence that it is going correctly at present.


P.S. From reading previous posts on the forum - I'm already dubious if CityFibre (Aberdeen) - offer Digital Voice services to allow me to carry on using my landline analogue telephones.


Thankyou - in the hope someone can actually sort this out.


Gordon Walker