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Full Fibre - Digital

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Hi, we went digital last autumn because it seemed that it was going to be cheaper with no set-up fees.

1.  Nobody asked if we had a security alarm monitored. Recently we realised the alarm was not being monitored and our security Co. said we would have to ask TalkTalk to fix it, which we did and as yet heard nothing.

2. Now today trying to use my printer, which is connected to the network, it will not work. On trying to reconnect it, it tells me that the network Key that we have used for years is wrong. Can TalkTalk change the key surely if they can and did they would tell me - wouldn't they?


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I can see from a previous post regarding the printer that you had a new router. Unless you changed the WiFi code on the eero to match your previous password it will be different.


As to connecting the printer follow the previous help given using the password on your router.


I'm not aufait with security monitoring, but if you previously gave the company access to your network, could this be due to the change of router and whatever set up procedure you and the alarm company followed previously needs to be replicated for the new router? Is it monitored via your pc or maybe the WiFi key needing to be input up the monitoring box. If so use the current key for the new router.


If that does not help then staff may be able to help, but without knowing why the alarm company suggest you need to contact TalkTalk a resolution may be difficult.


If you can describe the issue here it would help. Did you ask for help on the phone before?


I'm not sure how you expect TalkTalk to ask customers regarding every device they may have in their home, the list would be never ending and set up differs between companies and devices.

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