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Line test does not complete, Firefox does not open webmail

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I am not able to get Firefox 125.0.3 to open my webmail at

I'm just curious as to why not, as I always use Outlook to access my emails.  Webmail works without any problem using Edge but with Firefox it opens the above address to a white window with a spinning wheel. I waited at least a minute to see if the inbox would show but it did not. This happens even when I am not logged in to my TalkTalk account.

I have taken the following action:

deleted browsing, forms and search history, cache, cookies, logins, site settings, offline web site data, turned off all extensions;

restarted firefox in troubleshooting mode;

turned off Firefox's Enhanced Tracking Protection for

The web developer tools in Firefox state that there is an uncaught syntax error:illegal character U+001B  for 180.png

Also, there is a source map error NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource:

Resource URL: moz-extension://9775e67c-f237-4cf0-b713-180d36187b8a/src/scripts/npm/browser-polyfill.min.0.3.1.js

Source Map URL:


I checked the service status and there are no issues with mail in my area or on the general network. I decided to perform a line test and this said there was a possible fault on my line. The test is still running after 30 minutes. It says it should take 10 minutes to complete. I have refreshed the line test page a few times but there is no update.  I have added the fault reference number to my community profile.



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That's good news, thanks for letting us know. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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Thanks for your reply Divsec. I consider this matter now closed. I downloaded the portable version of Firefox (Windows OS) and that accesses my webmail without any problem so it must be my Firefox profile that is faulty. Regarding the line test not completing, I later received an email from TalkTalk asking me to contact them. I had a chat with a CSR, they said there was some data loss; they stabilised the connection and said it was now a good connection. But I wasn't having any (apparent to me) issue with it anyway - speed is as advertised for my package, landline calls are fine.

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Hi @DrStrange thanks for the full description. I tried to replicate by installing Firefox onto my Android 13 tablet and using the link you quoted and successfully accessed email.

Your post has been escalated and you should hear soon from the people who know a lot more than me (not difficult) 



I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.