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Severe frustration with TalkTalk Full fibre VOIP support

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Deeply frustrated - I am starting to post all over again! Thanks to the very helpful comments to my previous query about Full Fibre 500Mbs plus VOIP - or Digital Voice as TT call it - I now have the deal I was after - or part of it! My existing fibre FTTP line was upgraded to 500Mbs after a minor glitch at Openreach.

BUT I have had no joy from TT Full Fibre support in getting my landline number ported to the fibre line - and I am being given a different reason almost every time I get through to support. Here are the three answers I have had:

ANSWER 1: No problem - your number should be ported across in 24-48 hours

ANSWER 2: Digital Voice is not available at your postcode

ANSWER 3: Digital Voice is not available on the contract


I do wish they would get their act together! Our FTTP connection was done two years ago by Openreach who assured me that the line and equipment would support VOIP.

Maybe - after all these years with TalkTalk - (since the very start of TalkTalk) its time to move to BT. I have actually had a Grandstream adaptor - supplied by TalkTalk, no less, ever since the FTTP line was installed.

Can anyone help me?




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Hi Blix. No separate charge


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Does TalkTalk charge you separately for the left behind FTTC service, or is included free within the cost of the FTTP service?

If they charge separately, what does it cost?




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Thank you. Exactly what I had concluded was the case. Well it all works as it is and of course OFCOM and BT want all copper lines ceased by the end of 2025 - which frankly I think will be a near impossibility, despite the numerous examples of fibre being installed literally throughout the country even as I write.

So I will just pop the Grandstream adaptor back in the drawer - maybe for a year or more!


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@MrJFW, it's one thing for Openreach to say that the line and equipment would support VOIP, but quite another for you to get fixed up with the right package with Talktalk. 


I had doubt in my mind when you posted back here about it:


(It really is better to follow up on one thread for continuity.)


You said that option 2 had worked....but Arne-talktalk says that you are still on  Talktalk's leave behind service, which means that you have had the straightforward upgrade for the speeds but not the change that would have involved a cease on the line first (your option 3 in the original thread).


You'll need to wait for staff to reach this thread now - but take another look at the previous thread and you will see that nothing was done to change the phone service over from copper to VOIP, as Arne-talktalk posted in reply at the end.


It can't be switched over without a cease on the line first, due to the way that Talktalk sets up its particular package. 


Staff will be back on Monday  - best not to take further action before then!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.