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Caller display still not working

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Hello everybody,

I've got an ongoing issue with caller display which hasn't been working since TalkTalk repaired  a landline fault in March.

I posted here previously about this a couple of weeks ago and had some initial responses but I  haven't received anything since. Apologies if I've somehow misdirected a post or message but I'm not very used to this system.

In the meantime,  I've contacted TalkTalk by phone at least four times and spoken to different people in the technical and customer service departments but no one seems able to solve the problem.

My caller display has been removed and added again but it still isn't working. I can't actually do that myself as My Account isn't giving me that option.

I've checked everything l possibly can at my end and would be really grateful for any practical advice as the whole phone saga, starting with the landline fault, has been dragging on for almost two months and is driving me a little bit mad now...

Thanks in advance to to anyone who might be able to help.



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Hi Joanne,


I've just made a change, could you please retest and let me know if it's now working