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Charge for broadband service but only ever had phone line

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So, this is a bit complicated. I tried text chat, and was promised a callback, but it never came.


I have two lines, a phone only line that has never had broadband (I'll call that #5) and a phone+broadband line (I'll call that #6).

My son noticed that I was charged for broadband on the #5 line, but have never had a router sent and have never used it for broadband. We only ever ordered a phone line, it was transferred from BT some time in the past (might be decades ago, I can't rememebr). We've never ordered nor had broadband on the #5 line but the bill says "Fibre 35" which is apparently a broadband service.

It seems to me that we're due a refund, at least on the past year, as we've never been sent a router and so have never been able to use that broadband. We've paid for a service that we never received.


Both line #5 and #6 are to the same address and on the same bill. I guess I just never thought about it and paid assuming that it was correct. It seems like they ripped me off.

Aside: I don't need that second line anymore, so as it happens I wanted to get broadband put on the #5 line and cancel the service on the #6 line entirely. Presumably, they'll send me a router [for the first time] for the #5 line?


Oh, also he says I'm charged 20p/min for calling circle, does that seem right?


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Could I ask, how did you sign up for the service? 


Could you also update your community profile to include your:


  • Name
  • Telephone number (of the line that you thought only has a telephone service)
  • Alternative contact number

We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated.





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So, two things @Chris-TalkTalk , how long has this been the case (that you don't do phoneline only); and why then didn't you send me a router when I signed up, how can you sell broadband but then not give people the means to access it? Shouldn't you have either informed me that you don't do landline only or have sent me a router.
You sent me a new router without me asking for my #6 line (it ends in a 6, I only have two lines); so why didn't you do the same for my phone line if you were supposedly providing me broadband service on it?


Support Team
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Hi joeyjefferies,


We don't provide just a phone line, our packages are phone and broadband (Future fibre can be data only, no phone).


If you'd like to cancel one of your telephone lines you'll need to speak to our Loyalty Team, they will be able to help - Cancel your TalkTalk service - TalkTalk Help & Support