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Helping others when thier phone line is down

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I wonder what the process is for helping other who's internet /phone line is down. When you call up outside of opening hours you are redirected to use the community site. Which is impossible if your interent is down! (you assume incorrectly that everyone has a smart phone) If your trying to help/support others with this issue however you then need to login - except those helping might not be a talk talk member. 


UPDATE - Once logged in it seems a very complicated process to find any information. Which I'm afraid I haven't been able to.  Even refinding this post was differcult when returning to see if anyone had replied


I really don't think you have thought through this process in a very sensible manner, either for those who have an isssue or those trying to help. 


Good luck to all you talk talk customers!! Time to move on if they can't create a credible support system. (maybe a bit harsh - lets see how long it takes to get support!)


I would be grateful if someone could tell me what I should do to get a fault on the line fixed. Is there a contact number I can pass on or use?


Support Team
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I'm sorry for the delay. Is there anything we can help with?





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You can report issues affecting other than yourself on the community, but you need to make this clear and make sure that the necessary details are provided in your community profile to allow staff to identify the account in question. If they can establish that there is a fault they can get things moving and provide updates here. In the event that further diagnostics are required, or possible engineer charges, then the involvement of the account holder will of course be required. 

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0345 172 0046 or if you have internet access, Live Chat in the link below.


Opening hours for both are also there.