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Voicemail Plus full after 10 messages!

First Timer

Hi, for months now I've been trying to get TalkTalk to fix this problem, but I get left hanging on the on-line chat until it times out, or the call centre staff just don't seem to be able to understand what the problem is  😞


I have Voicemail Plus - confirmed on my account panel, and when I ring my number it says "Voicemail Plus".

However, instead of the 30 voicemail messages it is supposed to hold, it tells me it is full after just 10. That's with no calls saved.


I have tried turning it off on my account control panel, back to ordinary Voicemail, and back to Voicemail Plus several times, with the same result.


I have just spent yet another hour and a half on the phone to the call centre while they 'do checks' and still no further forward - just asking the same questions over and over again!

Just been fobbed off once again by the call centre agent, who tells me she will be remotely turning Voicemail Plus off and back on again, and it 'Will be working after 24 hours' ----- Yeah, right  😞

Guess what I'm going to be doing after 24 hours - that's right -- answering the same questions and being told the same things 😞


Has anyone else had this problem?


I don't suppose it's a real problem for most folk, but when you have a relative with dementia who rings a lot, it becomes a problem when other folk find they can't leave important messages.


Looks like I'll be going back to Plusnet in 2 months time when my TalkTalk contract is up! At least their call centre is in the UK and they will put you through to a technician who understands the problem and follows things up!

First Timer

Hey, guess what.... more than 24 hours later and it's still the same!!!


What does it take to get someone to take this seriously?


On the last call I asked to speak to a supervisor - that was refused as the representative said she had 'fixed it', and it would be working after 24 hours  😞