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Help Required - TT sim works in Android but not iPhone SE2020

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I've been trying to resolve this for a month, all help gratefully received.

All our phones are unlocked.

I wanted to change my wife's TalkTalk Sim Huawei Android phone to a iPhone.

The Huawei had been having connection problems.

The iPhone shown "No Service" in the top left when the TT sim was inserted.

Rang TT who kindly supplied a new sim.

The new sim worked in the Android but not in the iPhone.

I tried it in a number of iPhones with the same result ... apart from ...

A 1st gen SE which instantly received a text containing the settings.

The settings were auto applied and TT arrived in the top left of the screen.

But ... it wouldn't make or receive calls.

Putting the sim in a newer phone doesn't generate a settings text

Tried applying the settings supplied by TT but while the logo appears you can't make calls.

The supplied settings don't exactly match the available boxes.

There's nowhere to put the MMS Port 8799 or the MCC 234, or the Auth Type PAP, or the APN Type, APN Roaming Protocol. or Enable APN. 

On a SE2020

Can anyone help ?

Thank you





Support Team
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