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Mobile support

For any questions about your TalkTalk mobile service.

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NCK Number

Got a new SIM and my phone is asking for an NCK number Please could you provide this to me

2 mobile plans

I have 2 mobile plans but I don’t use one phone as husband died, can I transfer his minutes to mine ?members


Please provide me with a PUK for my phone number ** REMOVED**

Help Required - TT sim works in Android but not iPhone SE2020

I've been trying to resolve this for a month, all help gratefully received.All our phones are unlocked.I wanted to change my wife's TalkTalk Sim Huawei Android phone to a iPhone.The Huawei had been having connection problems.The iPhone shown "No Serv...

Ray1000 by First Timer
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Corrupt sim card

My talktalk sim card has become corrupt how do I order a new one?

No mobile signal.

I live in the countryside in Kent. I chose talk talk because We've always had fantastic service 4g at a great price. However, this week I have lost all mobile phone signal. If I go down the road I can get text messages. But no data and no phone calls...

Cancelled Mobile Contract

I cancelled my mobile sim contract in early January 2024 but, I have now just been billed for Jan 2024 and a full monthly payment taken on 19 Jan 2024.Does anyone know how talktalk deal with mobile cancellations?Do they refund overpayments automatica...

Whynot5 by First Timer
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I need a new sim

I need a new mobile sim (account linked) - I tried the the online chat and the bot transferred me to someone who kept calling me William-- Then wanted me to repeat everything I had already given the system.Tried calling the Landline number then was a...

Is Wifi calling available on TalkTalk Mobile

I have a Samsung A33 5G mobile phone which should support wifi calling however I cannot find the option anywhere on the phone and I gather the phone should support it. (Tried in settings: connections, phone app and just about everywhere it might be a...

davekel by Popular Poster
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3G Switch off and Talktalk Essential SIM

Vodaphone are switching off 3G network this year.I have a 4G compatible phone with Talktalk Mobile Essential SIM (the one that was free, but now £5 discounted to £3 per month). After the 3G is switched off, will the SIM be compatible to work with my ...

bukey by Conversation Starter
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