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For any questions about your TalkTalk mobile service.

How do you get a PAC code for an old free talktalk sim?

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Back in the day, we got a free talktalk sim. 500mb of data and free calls.  Quite a nice deal, though in the confusion of that dept we got sent another two free sims, but only used one!  Years later it is still working on voice but the data has gone, so finally its time to change!


Getting a PAC code is not easy!  If you text it says the number cannot be found, and if you calll up they first answer is they have no record of the number, and suggest its talkmobile.  Just in case I had cognitive decline, I called talkmobile and of course they know nothing about it.


The back of the sim shows clearly the brand talktalk, but can I convince anyone on the phone at talktalk? Not really?


How do we take the number to a new provider?  It seems that the call centre just wants to believe the number does not exist or its mixed up with talkmobile ( note true).  It has been great to have a free sim for years, but is this the price paid for a good deal?


The number is 07443 *11*82  with blanks for confidentiality.  Please talktalk can I have a PAC code, so we can leave, you still have our broadband and phone business.







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Hi Arne

If you can leave the post up, I would be grateful, there is no profanity, nor mistruths. Though I appreciate some people don't like reading this issue, and seek to lock or remove the post. 


Thank you for your comments all are welcomed.  This " solution" is not a resolution to an issue, as Ofcom requires all providers to deliver a PAC code within two hours of a request.  TalkTalk failing to provide this information is a breach of Ofcom guideance.


The account is really my mothers, she has broadband and a landline with TalkTalk.  At 83 years old, the TalkTalk customer journey became too much for her, which is why my name is on the account.


Here are the clear failings of TalkTalk, no emotion just facts:


a) Failed to identify a TalkTalk sim. Said it it did not exist, suggested it was Talk Mobile,

b) After sending a photograph of the SIM, and getting a member of the South African call centre to call the number, it was admittted it was a TalkTalk sim.

c) Further phones calls with the S.A call centre where it became apparant that notes were not being updated, so round the block again with  " it's not a TalkTalk sim2

d) Failure by TalkTalk in the call centre to call back on two documented occaissions between 10am and 12 noon.  Two booked, and 100% failure with little to no explanation.

e) Claim that one member of the team suddenly had an accident the day before and was in hospital. Whilst a colleague believed her to be in the building! Who knows what that was about.

f) An assurance that Lilly would stay with the issue and be the one to call me back. I even added a few days onto the SLA, so they did not muck it up. Yes they mucked it up and never called!


I have dates, times and conversations showing that there is something seriously wrong with Talk Talk Mobile division. Even though it is being wound down, there is no good reason for such appalling customer service.  I get the feeling that  the call centre does not really care too much, and my assumption ( it is an assumption ) that no one in the UK will care either. 



-Would anyone reading this, ( assuming I am believed ) truly think that this is the way to manage customers? 

-Should an 83 year old have to put up with this,  and spend over 8 hours on the phone over the last 14 days? 

- Is simply giving up and texting everyone with a new number the right approach, when Ofcom say otherwise?

- Why does the call centre act in such a bizzarre seemingly thoughtless manner?

- Why does no one in the process really demonstrate leadership and care by using some initiative?


TalkTalk is often price competative, but no amount of savings are worth this hassle, and the deafening silence from anyone who can make things happen both in South Africa and in the UK, tells a story of a perhaps broken organisation.

Mum will be cancelling her broadband and landline at the first available opportunity as she could not cope with this nonsense, and neither can I as her son.


My one word " shoddy"  .  Whoever thought in strategic meetings that this approach was good, needs to look again.  I would expect customer churn to be at an all time high based on my experience. 


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I can only see the other solution of getting a sim from another provider, messaging everyone in the old sim contact list with the new number and contacting others such as doctors etc to update their records, 


Not ideal I agree but the only thing thing I can think of. 


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I did call the call centre.  I found two failed call backs ( booked by TalkTal) in two weeks.

There are 5 people in the complaints team ( I found out) and one is off ill, with an accident the day before she was due to call back. I wish her all the best.

The customer journey is unusual, but if you say it is fantastic, then your post will probably stay up here, say anything else and it will not

So what an excellent company, with superb service, with fantastic individuals, providing a level of service I could only dream of.



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Hi Debbie

I tried talking to the call centere and this is what happened


For the second time in 10 days TalkMobile " forgot" to call me back in the two hour window they picked.   This absolute failure is the tip of the iceburg of a customer journey which is not so much broken as smashed beyond recognition!


Two arranged calls backs in 7 days and both of them failed by TalkTalk.


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I am just a customer, I can't do anything.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
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Hi Keith

I fully understand that mobile issues cannot be dealt with on this forum in the way that some may perceive, that is not my only objective.  As you have stated you can get TalkTalk to read positive gushing comments of praise, then equally comments of utter frustration highlighting poor service can reach their eyes and ears also, should there be any inclination to do so.  As they must have some pride in the company, someone is going to read this and spring into action, even if it is to nudge the perhaps not quite effective as it should be TalkTalk Mobile call centre.


My objectives are :


1. To raise the awareness for others that calling into the mobile team as suggested mnight not be plain sailing. This suggestion offered many times is not a panacea for all issues.  The suggestion has the face validity of helpfulness, but when you scratch the surface, I have found a quite unhelpful team who cannot even attend scheduled phone calls and when they do not attend, fail to even apologise or explain.  My experience of bizarre business etiquette serves as a warning to others. 


2. To raise awareness with other key stakeholders, so that rather than shovel all the " help" to the South African call centre, someone realises that a poor showing from there, actually tarnishes the brand and brand values of TalkTalk.  What company would schedule a call, let a customr clear their diary, then never call?  What company would spend two weeks trying to find a PAC number for a working TalkTalk sim, that every few calls they deny exists?  You have that number and you are welcome to call, and will find a fully working TalkTalk number,  but one TalkTalk calls but then says they cannot find? 


3. To offer practical tips to others who maybe stuck in this Kafkaesque world of confusion. For example if you call the mobile division one day you can get the Salford postal complaints address. Speak to another member of the team and they claim they do not have it and act like it never exists. Would anyone inflict this on an 83 year old with any shred of compassion?


4. To highlight a department that will take your call, drag out the conversation, not really offer any help, but from the background noise you can hear laughter, shouting, more laughter, and yes it's great everyone is happy in their work, but are effective solutions being found?


5. It has been two days since my sheduled call was never made by TalkTalk mobile in South Africa.  " Helen" the complaints manager clearly considers it okay not to call, not to explain why no call was made when promised, and provide no explanation.  I suggest a degree of hubris in that job role.


6. People are reading these posts, and from that they can prep themselves as to what is to come.


7. I have highlighted that postive posts stay up and are reacted to, but anything challenging or negative ( not offensive or insulting ) gets taken down, giving the impression that things are far happier than they truly are.  All my postive posts stayed up but three negative ones were taken down within 10 minutes to an hour.   No one offered to make sure TalkTalk employees saw the negative posts but there was a rush to show TalkTalk the positive ones.  TalkTalk management are more effective if they do not operate in a bubble of sanitised only positive information. 


07443 xx1282 is a fully working TalkTalk sim, with a TalkTalk voiceamail, and two weeks later, TalkTalk cannot " find" it, Ofcom states that they should and have to provide a PAC number.   Please remember my mother is 83 and this has caused so much stress, and if just one compassionate TalkTalk employee reads this and acts, then it is worth it. If not its all supporting evidence for Ofcom.


For anyone reading who wants to call the TalkTalk number to prove it is is truly a TalkTalk mobile sim, just DM me and I will send the full number  to you.  I have to offer this as every few days someone at the call centre in S.A actually suggests it is not a TalkTalk sim, then when I ask them to call it, that line of arguement suddenly dissapears.  I wonder why that is?


For any moderators reading, I have only included facts where I have supporting evidence, I have not been rude, offensive or used any profanities.  This is an exercise in free speech within guidelines and serves as a guide to others if they experience the same issues.


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Debbie has already told you in this thread, that mobile issues cannot be dealt with via the forum, so nothing will happen on here. Did you see the sticky at the top of the mobile board, if not, no worries, this is the link:- 

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
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Hi Debbie

I think you will find calling the team in South Africa yields only mediocre results.


Please consider :


1. 12 days later no PAC code

2. The sim is still making and recieving calls, and the S.A call centre confirmed it was a TalkTalk sim

3. Over three calls nothing sorted, just pushed out another 48 hours

4. " Helen" a complaints manager in S.A agreed 10-12 today for a scheduled call. No call, no apology, no explantion.


The brand is TalkTalk, if things are good it benefits your brand. If things go wrong and its a TalkTalk sim, it has the potential to damage your brand.  My mother is 83, and does not have the time nor the energy to deal with the seemingly incompetant and rude approach of your S.A call centre


By " rude" I mean booking a call and not even bothering to attend, nor send an email of explanation. Some would call it forgetful, others may call it arrogant.    Ofcom stipulates two hours to send a PAC code, TalkTalk have had two weeks


The number is 07443 XX2282 and the image of the Sim ( and voice mail ) indicates it is a working TalkTalk sim


Please stop externalising problems to other areas, and someone take this issue and solve it.  Or continue to kick it around the company, hoping it will all go quiet!    


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The talktalk sim is shown below with some numbers blanked out " just in case" it truly exists but so far talktalk say they have no record of it.  Number 07443 X1128X.  


The reason I asked on here is because when calling in directly I found the following:


a) I was asked and it was suggested that I had got it wrong and had my sim with talk mobile!!! Yes I called them just to make sure, even though the sim says talktalk on it.


b) Via text, via chat and via two live calls, talktalk have stated they are unable to find the number. This is a talktalk number that has been working for at least 5 years, though in recent months the data side of things has stopped working.#


How any company can " lose" a number and not be able to provide the PAC code which is an Ofcom rule, defeats me.  This is a talktalk sim 07443 X1128XThis is a talktalk sim 07443 X1128X


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Hi exasperated2021


If you need assistance with your mobile service then we'd recommend calling or live chatting us directly. Unfortunately we're unable to provide any mobile support via our Community.


How to contact TalkTalk Broadband - TalkTalk Help & Support