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5G Mast Interference?

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Good morning.

A bit of an odd questions, we had a 5G mast installed around a month ago not far from our property. All has been OK until roughly a week ago, we have started to experience issues with internet and freeview channels on our TalkTalk box. This includes things like the sound cutting out for no reason, channels now frequently displaying 'Bad Signal' (such as Food Network) and various other issues.

We've had very few issues with our TalkTalk box up until now. Tried a few things like the 5 button reset (which has not helped), turning the box off for an extended period etc. The box is also directly wired in with an ethernet cable to the router, so is not using a WiFi connection to pull channels down.
We have a smart TV we use Netflix/Amazon Prime on and this will play internet content with no issues. Only the TalkTalk box seems to be affected.
Googling it appears that in some small cases 5G masts can affect channel reception on boxes. We have a fairly new Netgem NT950-T2C-8-AB2 box. These problems have only started appearing in the last week or so since the mast went up and was switched on.
Just wondering what the solution could be, can we buy a booster of some kind?


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Hi Gondola,


Many thanks. Our TV antenna is over 20 years old so won't employ this. We will however try the filter to see if that helps.

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Hi Archy101 


Current TV antennas incorporate 5G filtering but you can add filters to the TV antenna feed. NB there are types compatible with the current f-connectors but also types that use conventional co-axial TV connectors. 5G filter example or 5G filter for co-axial connectors.


See the website Restore TV for more advice.

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