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Aerial query

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I just changed from Sky tv to TalkTalk. Obviously Sky didn’t use aerials so I have no aerial cable. I have the 4k box. I was not informed by anyone when I spoke to TalkTalk that I would need an aerial cable to use box! Now I find I can’t watch all the channels without an aerial cable! 


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Just to clarify, do  you already have TalkTalk broadband and have just chosen to leave Sky TV? 


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Only Sky and Freesat utilise dishes.

Virgin is cable.

All other ISPs who offer TV, utilise Freeview via aerials.

The FAQ's mention an aerial is required to get all channels.

You can get the main ones utilising the catchup apps.


Leaving Sky would also mean you cannot use your TV tuner without an aerial.


I doubt there is anything Talktalk can do for you and the advice would be to contact a local installer to get an aerial set up.


Are you within the cooling off period? If so you could consider leaving and going back to Sky, but you may find you'd be without internet and TV whilst that is being completed.


If you want to pursue this route you will need to phone and speak to the Loyalty team. 


Try phoning 0345 172 0088

Opening Hours can be found here -


However you may find in the long term installing the aerial is a cheaper option and any saving you make being a TalkTalk customer may pay for this before your contract ends.


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