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For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

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We received our new TalkTalk TV box and set it up yesterday.  My partner is very unhappy that we can no longer record anything and I tried to  reassure him that he can find everything on demand.  He isnt impressed with this as it means having to remember everything he wants to watch.  He made a note of a few programmes and we tried to find them today, however it seems not everything is showing as available on Demand.  Quest Red channel for example.  He likes the true crime programmes, but we cant see how we can watch this channel on demand.  Any tips or advice, are we doing something wrong. or is this just something we have got to put up with ?


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I've stuck with YouView and purchased a BT pro box that allows 4 channels to record at once whilst watching another.


I found the best place to buy from was CeX as there is a guarantee from them and all for £75 or less depending on grade. Mine was B at £65 but was actually new. They do sell out almost as soon as they are advertised on line.


As Keith says, the Manhattans are also a very good piece of kit.


If you go down the route if buying your own phone the loyalty team to arrange the return of your hub and Aldi the removal of the entertainment monthly fee.

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Alas, no TalkTalk TV box allows recording any more. Personally, I think it is a retrograde step. I purchased a Manhatten T3-R when mine packed up. They have a new model out soon, the T4-R, or you could look at the Humax boxes.

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