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Unable to delete scheduled programmes once watched

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As I have previously posted, the 4k TV box is a terrible device with so much wrong with it.

Contrary to what others have posted it is impossible to remove a schedule programme once watched resulting in many series listed that cannot be removed.

Today the box received an update but alas this has not been actioned in the update.

Several people have said that I can click on the programme and then on 'Modify'. I do not have 'Modify'.

So now I ask, can I have my box changed to one that does have this function? PLEASE because this box is driving me crazy.

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Absolutely agree with everything you have mentioned complete waste of money 


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We can only issue the 4K TV box however you can call and remove TalkTalk TV from your package and return the TV box in order to source your own freeview recorder.   Some customers do use their own equipment, but many more will rely on catchup and on demand rather than recording as the industry as a whole is moving towards an online streaming service.



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It's their new 4K TV Box and what a pile of poo it is, so many things wrong with it.


14 Reasons why you should think carefully before moving to the 4K TV box.

1. You can only record on one channel.
2. You have to record onto your own flash drive minimum 32Gb, maximum 1Tb.
3. You can pause live TV but you can’t rewind!
4. It is slow to start, 45 seconds, like an old valve TV.
5. Finding your recordings involves 7 key presses then another 7 on the ‘back’ key to get back to where you started.
6. When playing a recording you can’t jump one minute forward or 15 seconds backwards which, on the old Huawei box, made skipping through adverts very easy.
7. When going forward or backwards it does so at x3, x10, x30, x100 and x 200 and it is very hard to control. You have to keep watching the time slider and try to stop it in the correct place which you inevitably miss so you have to reverse. Any speed higher than x10 is guaranteed to miss the stopping point.
8. The remote has a X button that does nothing. (?)
9. It also has a button for teletext but no channels have teletext these days.
10. The volume slider settings are preset and there is no numerical display to indicate what volume is set.
11. There is no visual indication on the very small box to inform you that it is recording.
12. Having recorded a series on the schedule, there doesn’t appear to be any way of deleting the schedule! Crazy.
13. When you change channels it displays a list at the bottom of the screen that stays there ages unless you press the back button.
14. When a recording starts it doesn’t start at the beginning but comes in a few minutes late so you miss the start. It also goes on for several minutes after the recording has finished.


It seems they expect everyone to be streaming these days so there is no need to record. When streaming, most channels (BBC do) don’t support subtitles which for those of us with impaired hearing makes it unwatchable.

On the good side it does have Wi-Fi so cuts down on cables and adapters and it does have Bluetooth so us half-deaf people can use headphones.

Silver surfer but been using and messing about with computers since MS DOS 5

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Talktalk is no longer sending out previous boxes, @trumpetman.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.