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talktallk 4k box

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we were told our you view box needed replacing and we were sent a 4k box but we cannot seem to record more than one program at a time and we cannot watch anything else while recording . wondering if we have not set this box up correct. Any advise would be welcome . Thanks in anticipation 


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The 4k box only has one tuner so you can only record one channel at a time and cannot view another at the same time.


To view another channel you will need to use your TV.


To do this you need a separate aerial feed to the TV, as well as one to the box. You can purchase an aerial splitter and 2 cables from online sites and many supermarkets also sell them (I got mine from Asda).


You could also continue to use your YouView box for recordings if you still have it and then use the 4k box only for the apps and extra channels. 


My splitter allows for 4 separate feeds and I had my YouView attached too.


This may depend upon how many HDMI slots you have on the TV or if you wish yo but and HDMI extension box for more slots.


Lots to consider but hope this helps.

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