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New UFO installation planned-problems with location for running fibre/router.

First Timer


Looking forward to placing order for UFO next year when my current contract ends May 2020.

UFO is in our street now and I assume will be connected within a few weeks.However I have number of issues that I will be very grateful for some advice to solve beforehand.

Sorry it’s a long post!

Currently my  connection is Fibre to cabinet, then copper to the house.I have the copper run around the outside of our house(from front to back of house) and it is terminated in our first floor study at the rear of the property.

In the study I have the BT master socket and modem.I have an IMac connected direct to the router(Ethernet cable).Futhermore I also had a Cat 6 cable(plus a spare!) run from the study to my workshop on ground floor at rear of the property, where I have a TP link gigabit 12 way switch fitted.This was all fitted when we extended the house 5 years ago.

From the workshop I have run Cat6 cables to most rooms in our house for smart TV’s .hifi, media players, nas drive etc.Part of this strategy was to prevent /avoid poor WiFi reception throughout particularly due to steel beams to support new extension.

Finally, we have water underfloor heating throughout the ground floor(excluding the lounge)which is oak flooring, so this makes it almost impossible to install the router and fibre wiring downstairs.

Now the problem!

I struggle to understand electrical stuff, especially fibre, so:-


1.Is it possible to run fibre on an outside wall including around 90 degree bends  and approx 15 metres so   I can fit the new UFO equipment in my study.

2.If this is not possible, the only option I can think of is to fit the UFO equipment in the front brick cycle,store.However I don’t have any Cat6 connections here and I am concerned about my iMac not being hard wired ,loss of nas drive etc and the risk of poor WiFi connections through the house.

3.Does anyone have any constructive alternative suggestions!


Sorry for long post,I will be really grateful for a few ideas

Many thanks,





Community Team

Hi Billy,

Welcome to the Community


I'd suggest contacting our UFO Support Team , they should be able to help answer your questions



Team Player

Hi Billy,


They've just finished installing fibre in my street as well.    I also want them to put the fibre around my wall, including a 90 degree bend, and install it through the side of the wall (I keep my router etc. in a cupboard under the stairs).


I've been with TalkTalk for years so I will be upgrading to the UFO the second it is available to be ordered.    Once it's done I'll post again here and let you know if they install it to my cupboard or if they insist on installing it at the front of the house.



First Timer

Hi Peter,

My apologies for a very late response.

Many thanks for your reply, I will be very interested in your feedback once they have installed the cable/equipment at your property,

Will be really grateful if you can remember to send me an update.

Hopefully you are a bit more organised than me!😀



Team Player

Hi Billy,

As promised I have come back now I have had it installed.

It was done this morning by two very helpful chaps. There was no problem at all with the installation - they went through my garden to the front of the house into a box (like Virgin). They have then run fibre from that box down the wall, including a 90 degree bend and exactly where I wanted it.

It took about an hour to install and there were no problems at all. From running a speed test, I am getting over 950 mbps both download and upload. I am a very happy Talktalk customer at the moment.

First Timer

Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for remembering to respond after your installation-you are a star!

Its good to hear that your installation went well and a fibre cable can be run around a 90 degree bend.

Just waiting until May 2020 when my current contract expires😀

Thanks once again