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Wi-Fi Hub support

Our Wi-Fi Hub is packed with the latest tech to give you our strongest, fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi signal ever. Check out the below for help with using your Wi-Fi Hub and getting the most out of your connection.



wi-fi HUb setup

Set up your Wi-Fi Hub using Wi-Fi, a wired connection, or WPS.


Wifi details

Here’s how to personalise your Wi-Fi name and password.


Boost your speed

Check out our top tips for getting the best Wi-Fi speeds.


security settings

Configure your Wi-Fi Hub to use WPA, WPA2, or both.


wireless channel

Manually change your wireless channel for better speeds.


port forwarding

Set up port forwarding for gaming, file sharing, and more.

top tips to boost your Wi-Fi


Leave your Wi-Fi Hub on all the time. Turning it on and off will slow down your connection.

Keep your Wi-Fi Hub upright, up high and facing into the room for the best signal.
Not on the floor.

Face your Wi-Fi Hub into the room and don’t tuck it behind furniture or other signal-blocking obstacles



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