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Account Cancelled Days Before Going Live

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Received an email from TalkTalk a few days before my service was supposed to go live saying "We've had notification from another company that you'd like to cancel your TalkTalk order".

I do not wish to cancel my account, and attempted to phone customer service yesterday to fix this. They were unable to do so, and instead tried to have me sign up to a new service, which would have been more expensive than the cancelled one, which was of course not what I was looking for.

I believe this issue was caused by the fact there are two lines into the address I was signing up for. There is a line for the upstairs portion of the property, which is owned by the landlord, and a separate line for the basement which he rents out. The landlord has a TalkTalk account for upstairs, and the previous tenants of the basement flat had also had TalkTalk broadband account, and had cancelled it upon moving out. I am looking to also setup broadband for the basement line. I attempted to explain this to customer service, but as previously mentioned they were unable to help me and instead wanted me to create a new order and pay more than what my previous one was, and wait another two weeks for it to go live.

I am not sure who to get in touch with regarding this issue, and I am hoping that someone on here will be able to help me get this fixed soon, as I am in desperate need of getting my internet up and running.


Support Team
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Hi MattWeir


It sounds like the order was placed on the other line, and the landlord cancelled it when the notification came through. The only option is to call in again and place a new order ensuring that the order is for a new line into the basement.


Sorry for any inconvenience