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I left, but TalkTalk is pretending I didn’t

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I placed an order with Plusnet on 25/01/24. I received an email from talktalk acknowledging my intent to leave, and while Openreach was installing the new fibre line, I received an interim bill from talktalk that I had to pay manually. Then out of the blue on 27/03/24 talktalk sent me an email thanking me for staying with them! I thought this was more talktalk nonsense and ignored it.


My Plusnet service started on 11/04/24. But instead of receiving a final bill from talktalk they have tried to start a new direct debit and then when it failed, added an admin charge.


I can tell you right now that I’m not phoning your non-English speaking call centre ever again to sort it out. Please send me a correct bill to pay manually and I will not be paying the pathetic admin charge.


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Both Openreach and Plusnet call it Full fibre.


I have an email from Talktalk telling me my switch would go through on 13 February 2024. And that I didn’t need to do anything. Now I didn’t actually leave on that date because Openreach hadn’t finished installing the cable in the street yet. My order with Plusnet was placed on 25 Jan 2024 and the final go live date was 11 April 2024.


I did receive one interim bill from the end of my contract with talktalk on 22 March 2024, but for whatever reason talktalk decided I was staying with them on 27 March 2024 and then tried to take a direct debit from me on 18 April 2024.


It would be nice if you guys would stop gas lighting me by trying to say I ordered a separate service and there is no end date or whatever on the copper line. I have the proof that talktalk was fully aware!


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Hi Andy-84


Have Plusnet installed a new FTTP connection? 


There is no cease on the line, nor is there a transfer request from Plusnet to take the line which is why the bill was generated. 


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@Andy-84, sometimes with Talktalk copper is left behind. 


That's probably not the point here.


Cancellation confusion / billing bungle for staff to look into. Hopefully you'll hear back on Friday  - otherwise it will be after the weekend. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Openreach don’t allow you to keep the copper line once they’ve installed the new fibre one. They make that pretty clear when you switch. There is no broadband service that talktalk could possibly still be providing.


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If Plusnet was putting in a new Fibre line, they have not taken over from your service with Talktalk. 


Normal switches (copper based) should switch correctly when the new company takes over, but anything involving fibre or a new line requires you to inform Talktalk yourself. 


So it's odd that they initially acknowledged that you were leaving, @Andy-84.


Something has gone wrong with the process, but it's hard to know where the slip up has occurred. 


Staff cannot authorise cancellations: you'll need to phone again. 03451 720088 after 9am.


Staff can check your account etc during the day (Monday to Friday).

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.