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Break in service on 21st Dec 2023 to 18th Jan 2024 Due to Parkland tree falling on fibre cable

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Today 17/04/2024 at 10.45 am your complaints dept Lisa contacted me regarding the above.  Making an offer of revised compensation for the 28 down time from £ 15 to 4 monthly  payments offer.  Lisa said  about £93 should be 128 ?  However I did not understand why 6 other Residents on the same fibre line at B929EL  some with BT and TT  with the same reported fault, I was informed have been paid out as per the Ofcom Automatic compensation  following loss of service scheme.  £ 9,76 for each day the service is not repaired. 2 neighbours informed me they had been paid in full ,

some time ago?  Given my one neighbour  with  same full fibre with TalkTalk Was paid in full,

1/  Why did I not get notified for compensation

2/  Why is the compensation now offered  much less than my neighbours

3/  Why did your Lisa direct via email to this app when requesting the Ofcom contact details for my perusal  and understanding ?

4/  I am aware that my internet communications skills are not the best I came late to computer jargon.  But now in my 80s i'm  trying ( Very )

                                  Trust for a better outcome


                                                                                                        Horace Gerald Egan 



Support Team
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Hi @PATJNR80hge


Thanks for your post. 


I will ask the auto compensation team to look into this again, as I can see that the issue should qualify for the scheme. 

In answer to your questions:

1) There appears to be multiple fault tickets logged against your account, this stopped the fault being picked up by Auto compensation.  

2) The team will now pick this up and calculate to amount and let you know via email/SMS when they have completed their investigation. 

3) Not sure what App you where told to go too?   do you mean you where guided to the community help pages?

4) No need to apologize. 


Hopefully you will hear back in the next 10 days. If not post back and let me know. 





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I am moving this to the billing section of the forum, @PATJNR80hge.


Please look out for a response from staff during the day. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.