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Direct Debit Payment - taken early by Talk Talk!!

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Good Morning


I have just had a notification from my bank advising I am overdrawn as Talk Talk have attempted to take my Direct Debit today despite the payment date on my Account being the 30th of each month. I have tried to find an email to contact someone at talk talk regarding this but cant find anything on the website. I will now incur late fees from my bank through no fault of mine. Has anyone any suggestions on what I do to get this resolved?


I need Talk Talk to resolve the DD date for future and also reimburse me for bank charges. It is day before payday and I cant access any money I did have left until the direct debit is returned at 3pm today. Not great!! 


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Good Morning


I have just had an email advising you will be charging me £12.50 on my next bill due to the direct debit being returned unpaid. Please ensure this charge is removed from my account as this was not my fault. You attempted to take payment earlier than it was scheduled! I set up a direct debit date that would be after my salary was paid. My online account still said it was set up for the 30th of the month. I checked this after the bill was issued.


This is a TALK TALK ERROR not mine.


I have still not receieved an update on why this happened in the first place and it has been a week since the incident. As advised I was then unable to acess the funds that were in my account that day as you TALKTALK caused me to be overdrawn! The day before payday you left me without any money at all!! I know I have said it before but this really is very poor service from Talk Talk.



I have made payment by card so my account balance is clear. 




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I'll re-escalate this for attention, @DebbieM7, but most staff are still away for the Bank Holiday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Is there an update on this? I have been notified of bank charges being issued for an unpaid DD. This also caused hassle as I was unable to access the money I did have in my account as the unscheduled DD caused me to be overdrawn! Not great the day before payday! Very poor customer service Talk Talk. 


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Hi DebbieM7 & richard1603


Let me investigate both these accounts and send them to the billing team. 


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What are you going to do about this TALK TALK.  You should not be billing early when there is a Direct Debit mandate in place.  How are you going to rectify this???


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Talk Talk need to sort this out.  My bill also said payment on 27th which I only saw today.  I have gone onto my account and checked my DD and it says due date is 30th of the month so they should not be taking before this date as this is the direct debit mandate.  I will also be getting bank charges for this.


If this is not rectified and I dont get reimbursed I will also be looking elsewhere.  I am not in contract so am not binded and to be honest I can get a lot better service and speed from elsewhere who do not take payments before they are due.

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Exactly! I checked my online account at the time of the bill and this still clearly shows the DD date is set up as 30th. This is actually bad financing. I work in a property factors and I am responsible for the processing of direct debit payments from our tenants. If a direct debit payment amount is changing in anyway we are required to give at least 10 days notice of this in writing and we are certainly not allowed to take payment earlier than agreed on the Direct Debit mandate- they can report us to the finance ombudsman for this. My bill was only emailed on the 20th March.

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My account was actually set up as the 30th by me in the beginning as my salary is paid on the 28th. When I receieved the bill I did see the 27th date but I logged in to check and change the DD Date but it still said it was set up on the 30th.  Why does this recent bill state 27th but my online account states 30th?


Also no idea why it has changed to the 27th anyway. Are you allowed to just change payment dates!? This is a Talk Talk Error- not mine. Previous Direct Debit payment dates as follows -


28th February (obviously due to the 28 day month?)

30th January

29th December

29th November

30th October

29th September

30th August


Please look into this properly rather than just having a quick look at my recent bill. 


Last month I had an error from your billing telling me my account was overdue (despite direct debit being taken)and then you followed up to say you were incorrect. I assumed this was yet another error with your billing.


I will be looking at an alternative provider as I have a terrible iternet connection at home anyway and now your billing is causing issues.



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I have just had exactly the same.  Regardless of when they say the bill is ready, my DD is set up for the 28th of the month (payday).  They have taken payment a day early for me causing the same problem.  This is why you set up a DD to have a set payment date!!!

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Hi DebbieM7


Your bill was produced In My Account on the 19th March and on that bill it clearly shows the payment date is the 27th. 


Sorry for the inconvenience