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I have learning difficulties; which you know and informed me I get free paper

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I have just noticed a charge for a paper bill of £2.75 on My Account. I thought that because I have an impairment I would get free paper bills, because I find it difficult, but not impossible to view my bill online. If it is chargeable, then do you have accessible online billing, that can be adjusted to suit all visual/ cognitive disabilities. 


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Hi Ljmm1967


im not aware of a policy that gives free paper bills, but will check for you. 


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@Ljmm1967, there are separate categories for visual  / hearing / cognitive  / mobility needs in this link:


They don't make it clear whether alternative formats are free of charge,  but you can get in touch via My Account. 


Cognitive is listed with options for a Nominated User  / or PoA etc. You need to send proof of authority to appoint a nominee etc.


It's not clear from the information link whether you can set up both forms of special support - all the different forms of need seem to attract different priorities, so you may need to let Talktalk know if there's more than one issue. They don't all come with the same extra support solutions. 


I'll move this to the billing section for you. 


Staff will reply during the week. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.