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Landline disconnected - important

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Posting on behalf of my father, who is 90. His landline has been wrongly disconnected.


He received emails & phone calls in March about a request to leave TalkTalk which he never made and had no intention of leaving. I rang TalkTalk in early April to sort it out and was put through to the cancellation department (UK based?). I told the person that no such request had been made and that it was important that he stays and retains his analogue landline, as well as his broadband. I was assured that the cancellation had been stopped and all was well. 


As of today, he has no dial tone and it shows as disconnected on his account.


Note that his age and mobility means he needs his landline. He lives alone and does not use a mobile and is considering a personal care alarm, of which a landline is a prerequisite. Therefore I need his landline reinstating as a matter of urgency. Thank you for any help


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Thanks for your PM. The CEO team have replied to me and advised that they will be contacting you ASAP today so they will be able to look into this for you and manage this to resolution for you.






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Good morning,


Great, thank you. I've passed your contact details over to our CEO Executive Complaints Team now and have asked that you are contacted ASAP.






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Thank you both so much for replying. I have updated the profile with my mobile and added to the private notes that the number is mine, not his. I don't have Power of Attorney, though that day is probably round the corner.

Michelle:- Could you keep us updated with this, please? I will have to go over and see him later. I don't know if his broadband is still working but I will have my mobile, from which I can also check his emails and hopefully this community forum. He really needs this sorting ASAP. Thank you, really appreciated.

Support Team
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I'm really sorry to hear this. I will escalate this straight over to our CEO Complaints Team now. Please can you also add your fathers or your own mobile number and your name to the Private Notes section of your Community Profile as I will need to pass your contact details over too.


Please do not post any personal information on the Community.






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Make sure that it is clear in your profile, @AlanN1933:

Your own account number etc in Personal Information. 


Your Dad's account number and phone number, name and address in Private Notes, at the end of that section. SAVE CHANGES. 


Further security checks may be required if you haven't got PoA; nominated user status etc.


I'll move this to the billing section of the forum as it's mainly to do with whether he still has an account with Talktalk at all.

Please wait for staff to respond during the week (Monday to Friday, daytime, @AlanN1933).

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.