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First Timer
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I have come to the end of my contract and i do not wish to renew. I am finding it impossible to contact anyone as the telephone lines never seem to be open. Is there a way that i can FULLY cancel my subscription online?


Support Team
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Hi @Potts88


Sorry that you are leaving. 


Did you mange to get through? 


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If you want to move to another provider they can usually make the arrangements for you rather than cancelling directly with TalkTalk, have a look at the help article here:

Community Star
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no sorry, staff here are unable to deal with cancellations.
You will need to speak to the Loyalty Team
0345 172 0046 is currently working. Say "Loyalty Team" or "leaving TalkTalk" or "cancel TalkTalk" when prompted and you should get through to someone to talk to.
You may though have to listen to a few lengthy recorded messages, but if you persevere you should get through to someone.

They are currently working Monday - Friday 9am-7pm, and some Saturdays going forward.

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