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Moved from Talktalk to Sky

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Hi. I wasn't in a contract with Talktalk and got Sky installed on the 12th February. Sky said they would tell Talktalk and I wouldn't have to do anything.


I've just received my February bill and it's for the full monthly amount instead of the 1st to 12th when I was still with Talktalk.


Please can someone advise what I should do to rectify this?


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Hi Arne


Thank you for your help. 

I haven't received my final bill, please could you let me know when I will get this?


Thank you.


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Hi Rachel85


Im presuming that Sky  either gave you a new number, or you have gone to a data only package as we did not receive a transfer order from sky so the account remained active. 


I can see that there is a cease now going through to complete on the 29th, once completed we can check the bill that was generated. 


If you post back on this thread on the 1st I will do that.



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Provided Sky have told TalkTalk then your bill should be adjusted next month and you will be able to claim a refund as you should be in credit. You probably missed the bill generation date so a full month bill was produced.


It's best to check that Sky have indeed told TalkTalk and I'd suggest phoning the loyalty team to confirm.


Try phoning 0345 172 0088

Opening Hours can be found here -

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