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Price Hikes should not be allowed in the middle of a contract!!!

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I am absolutely appalled that i have found an email delivered to my inbox from TalkTalk saying they are hiking the price for Broadband in the middle of an 18 month contract. This is an absolute disgrace. Shame on you TalkTalk. This is utter disrespect to their loyal customers. When you enter into agreement it is your duty to honour and abide with the terms and conditions which ALL customers are expected to do. If we breech a contract YOU punish us with charges. We are not allowed a one months notice rule. One rule for one and a different one for another. No mutual agreement at all. This should be rectified immediately and the CEO should rescind this ridiculous price Hike until after the end of a contract. One months notice is unacceptable. Customers should be treated better than this. Where is your Honour!!!


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@RH_2021 There is little point posting in this section I'm afraid, have a look across the forums for many comments and other customers' experience and advice, or start your own topic in the Billing area. 


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Just had an e-mail from Talk Talk. Not only are they increasing my price with only a month's notice, they are also going to increase it every April by CPI + 3.7% - so that's two prices rises before my 18-month 'fixed rate' deal is up. both well above inflation. Guess they don't want me as a customer after all!

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@dastardlydave, if you are within the 30 day notice period because of the price rise, phone and haggle. They set up all sorts of good deals to keep people when the first batch of price rises was announced in March.


Ensure you get them to say in the conversation that there is no admin fee for an upgrade within this period, so that you can hold them to it. Phone 03451 720046, after 9am Monday to Saturday. Closes 7pm Monday to Friday, 6pm Saturday; not available Sunday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Agree totally raising prices on a fixed contract is appalling one other problem I've also encountered is they won't let me upgrade until my present contract ends (november21) without charging me £30 admin fee if I wanted to terminate and leave I could understand it but charging me for wanting to stay with them for another 2 years is leaving me baffled simply because come november they will be losing another customer . 


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I wholeheartedly agree with the comments made by DaisyDelus, regarding the increase in price mid-contract. There is also another point which "rubs salt into the wounds" which is (and I quote) "pay a little extra each month to guarantee no price increases" I have yet to be able to find anywhere on TalkTalk's website as to how much "the little extra" will be. To sum up I think that the whole idea has been thought out on a late Friday afternoon and jotted down on the back of an envelope. I rest my case!

oldeleroy from God's own county

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Same, would have renewed as well... 6 weeks left till i leave.

Happy to pay more, disgusted at the way TalkTalk dealt with it, for that they lost a customer for the sake of i think £8 extra over the course of the remainder of my contract.


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No point complaining, just leave I am.

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I understand....but I placed trust in them....I don't operate in the same way as TT...

Our business is based on trust....we don't have contracts or small print (print you really can't see without three pairs of glasses stuck to ones head)..we are too busy to analyse everything....there has to be a point at were we trust....but now I don't with TT.

But it's done now....

I should expect to have my pants pulled down at every turn....


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@Hangingbyathread  having been in sales you should have known: (1) to treat with suspicion anything a told to you by someone selling you something, particularly if it sounds too good to be true; (2) to read the small print of any contract you enter into.   Had you done the latter you would have known about the get out clause and 30 day notice period when deciding to join TalkTalk.  


Also when TalkTalk notified you of the price increase the notification should have mentioned your right to leave without penalty within 30 days of the notice.  If it didn't then you probably have a good case to pursue them for breach of contract.


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It's a very simple and not over complicated realisation of what TT did .....

They told many of us and may I add in their most bold red colours "No mid term price rises"....

That means to me NO price increases throughout the term....They broke the agreement....simple as that.

I have been in sales many years and they at TT new that the statement... "No mid term price rises" was a contract clincher...

No two ways about it....

They never said "There is a possibilty of mid term price rises" that statement says to the reader (knowing the good old capitalist ideology) invariably prices are going to go up.....

At that point how many people would have NOT contracted with TT......I was about to sign up with Plusnet....then TT gave me the big old super deal.... Then to increase the price a number of times later.....(I was not aware of the 30 day escape ruling)!!!

But fear not TT the clock is running down on you....You have many disgruntled users....that won't forget...I will after many years will be off.....lets see what happens with the rest shall we.



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Everybody complain to their local Trading Standards or the various  complaint websites as  I am doing.


 I would not have signed-up with them had I not been promised NO PRICE INCREASE for the contract duration.  That so-called right of increase clause does not come into it. 


It is in black and white when you sign-up and days later confirmed by their own CEO that their fixed plans are guaranteed.

It is purely and simply mis-selling and is against the law,


Everybody stick together and do not pay.






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totally agree with all the complaints. This is a duplicitous company with no regard to their guarantees. Other companies are up front with their increases before you sign up. Not so Talk Talk!. They are now advertising on TV faster broadband £22 snaring unsuspecting customers with promises and deals they intend to violate.

No doubt you received letters like mine, before the contract stating "the price you pay is sneaky mid-contract price rises" and "guarantee no you peace of mind for the length of your contract"

I spoke to 3 complaints call manages from South Africa and Sri Lanka. All I learned was that because I hadn't responded to the text alerting me of the price rise, I would have to pay £100 to end the contract!.  I received a text to expect a phone call from a complaints manager on Thursday between noon and 2 pm to discuss complaint. I waited in specially. As you call!

I have tried live chat- unavailable. I've asked to be put through to UK complaints manager. Oversees customer services are unable to do this

While all communication from Talk Talk is via text, their complaints page insist you complain in writing- not even e mail. (postal address on complaints page). If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction within a short period, it will go to the CISAS  (Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme) which is managed independently by The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), approved by Ofcom to resolve disputes.

As I'm fed up with phone calls that get nowhere, this is my next move....I will report my results on this page.

We need to defeat and expose this duplicitous company for what they are!

Thank you everyone for reporting experiences like mine- encouraging!

Sue-at- home 


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If you don't want their TV services just ask them to remove the £4.00 TV charge, for a start, @lassyalone.


Phone Monday - Saturday after 9am:


03451 720046 or 03451 720088


Or use Chat, any day after 9am:


The link shows on the above page with a blue background banner when it's available and you can also find helpline hours detailed there.


For your general service problems, post for help in the appropriate section of the forum after going to "Help with your Talktalk service". Click on start a topic. 


Make sure your community forum profile details are complete. Go via your avatar/name; settings; Profile Wizard. Staff will use this to identify your account. 


Once you have posted in a help section,  look out for their response Monday to Friday. 


If you want to cancel your service, ring either of the above numbers or  switch to another Openreach serviced provider that will cancel your TT service for you. 


It can't be done through the forum or Chat.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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like others said it is not the first price increase but also how they are padding the bills.I am on a £28.50 contract, let's say £30.I made £5 worth of calls yet I keep getting bills over £40 it is infuriating. Their live chat never works and getting through to them by phone is really hard, getting someone competent that is actually helpful rather than trying to flog me more add ons,a miracle.I want to cancel my contract not because of the raise but because of their utter shambles of customer support,their crappy internet connection that at least for me is often down and randomly disconnects even on good days.I am charged for tv ......WE NEVER GOT A TV BOX NOR WATCHED THE NONE EXISTING TV.

I have told them numerous times that we don't have a box, never got it but every time they act as if they just heard about it and then I get charged again. It is a Kafkaesque system.  

I have been with them for over a decade, when I renewed my contract I was promised a voucher.....never got it. Nothing, nada.   

I am so *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* off. 

I have had enough,all I want is a simple,working connection and competent customer service.

“If you have enough book space, I don't want to talk to you.”
― Terry Pratchett

First Timer
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@Thetruth1 It's not the first price increase as already mentioned they have added costs all the way on phone and security boosts. Most businesses invest but don't immediately dump that cost on existing customers or they'll walk. Took me 15 minutes to find a better deal with Shell Energy who use Talk Talk network. 



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@Thetruth1, I think it is the loss of trust that is getting to people. 


Even if it had been the equivalent of 5p a week, it would have been a change which might have angered some. 


Nobody expected not to be able to take Talktalk's Fixed Price "promise" at face value. 


The whole point of the long contracts was that they protected us from such things.


The point was that the commitment for Broadband and Line Rental was different from that with boosts, where Talktalk took advantage of the fact that people were only committed for a minimum of one month, and could dump the boost without penalty when it suited them or at the slightest whiff of a price rise.


Talktalk increased the cost of many of the boosts dramatically above the rate of inflation.  


It's also got to pay quite a high daily rate for loss of service compensation. 


There's a limit to how much they can increase the boost charges without people finding them too expensive to bother with.


Lots of things to offset against each other, but on balance they appear to have decided that ditching the fixed price promise was the way forward, and relentlessly increasing the price of boosts has hit the buffers.


The justification for longer contracts was previously that customers' loyalty was rewarded by maintaining the fixed price.


Now there may be less incentive for customers to stay with TT on these long contracts. 


And perhaps they should have included in their calculations the "cost" of the loss of trust. It won't be immediately obvious from the numbers because of the mixture of reactions in the short term: leave without penalty / credit the £2.00 difference  / astonishingly good rates for taking out fresh contracts and upgrading. 


People's memories will be long, however, and there's time to see new kids arrive on the block offering services as well as the mainstream competition sensing  opportunities. They may snap customers up when the NEXT price increases kick in, regardless of whether customers can or can't leave without penalty. 


Many customers will not see one Mbps improvement meanwhile in their service, despite the increase in tariff this year. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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The price has been raised by 50p a week, 10p a day so more money can be invested in the service, which in turn will improve them. TT have also given customers the right to cancel without fees. Even with the increase they are still cheaper than many other providers. Outraged at a £2 increase but will change suppliers to a more expensive package. Behave people 


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Agreed, this was a really bad decision that will come back to haunt them, nothing talktalk say can be trusted from now on.


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I have been with TalkTalk for over 19 years.

This is the first time the fixed price contract has been broken.

I have finally lost faith in TalkTalk.

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@ossie72, Talktalk has not organised its software to prevent early termination fees being triggered by you leaving. It's given several customers rather a fright. 


As long as you have told them that you are leaving because of the price rise you should be fine.


Any further worries, please post in the "help with your Talktalk service" area under "Your Account and Billing". Go to the message board and click on start a topic. 


It can take a few days to get a response from staff, but they will check that everything is as it should be for you.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.