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Returning routers

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I joined talk talk 36 months ago, I was supplied their regular router upon joining but my service was bad so I paid £120 for the super WiFi hub.


After the first 18 month contract ended I renewed but carried on using the router I bought (WiFi hub) right throughout until I just switched providers.


Talk talk are asking for the (WiFi hub) back, the one I bought because the original wasn't up to the job.

How can it be right them asking for this back as I paid for it myself?

Also the original router, surely I have also paid for that after 36 months?

If I keep either or both will talk talk refuse to refund me for over billing me during the switch over to my new provider?



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Hi crainiumkid1979


I can see that you had paid for the hub, so it is yours and there is no reason to return it. 


Sorry for any confusion.

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Thank you so much ❤️

Community Star
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Look out for a reply in the coming days from staff, @crainiumkid1979.


There is no doubt that the router you paid for is your property and the ongoing Ts&Cs also imply that the original one should be yours to keep. 


There's a mixture of poor record keeping and making up the rules as they go along happening here.


Will draw this to staff attention for you too.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.