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Upgraded to fibre on renewal (now cheaper than faster BB). I'm still using a HG633 router...

Whizz Kid
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Hi there,


My issue is twofold...


Stupidly made the mistake of renewing my contract via Live Chat (subsequently been informed never do that, always should phone to receive a better deal and customer service).


I've had Faster Broadband and phone with TalkTalk since around 2013 (loyal customer). The pricing structure as it is now, fibre is cheaper than faster broadband (which had always sufficed, a one person household).


Anyway, I was pressured (bordering on mis-sold) into taking the Fixed Price Plus option of Fibre 35 for £23.95. When I really wanted the £22 Fibre 35 deal.


I swiftly phoned the Loyalty Team to change to the £22 Fibre 35 deal, but told I had to wait until my fibre service starts, before they can alter my account/deal. Also to send out a Wi-Fi Hub, as I was not offered one when I renewed, when I should have (still using a Super Router HG633).


Well, the good news is my fibre has been connected today and currently getting around 28 mbps down and 6 mbps up (realising there's a 14 day bedding in period, it could get better). 🙂 On Faster Broadband I only got 8 mbps down and 0.7 up.


Therefore, the old faithful HG633 is fibre compatible (was informed it may not be, by Martin from Loyalty), but would still like a hub sent out if possible, as I've been informed it should increase speed and stability.


I called Loyalty again, today. Have now been told they cannot transfer me to the £22 Fibre 35 deal, nor are they sending out a new hub for free. Even though Martin (the guy I spoke to on the phone after the awful Live Chat, last week) having put notes on saying that is what should happen. 


Can one of the OCEs assist, please?


As a long standing and loyal customer, I'd expect far better treatment than I'm currently receiving.


My phone details etc. are on my account.



Community Star
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Hmm, that really doesn't make sense to me. The support team here won't be back online again until Monday, but hopefully they can help. I do not understand why you cannot simply cancel within the cooling off period as is your right. 

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Yup @ferguson, I called the number you kindly provided.

Was told no alterations to my deal/billing can be applied until 30 days have passed, from the Go Live date (today). It's greyed-out on their systems, until then.


Now, surely that means I will get hit with a financial penalty when changing package after 30 days, on a Fixed Price Plus tariff (which I did not require).


And, I'm not getting a new router, the HG633 is sufficient for Fibre 35 apparently, and is working. Only when it fails, will it be replaced.


Pretty poor customer service, all round. But hey, my internet and phone are working, that's the main thing! It could be worse...


Community Star
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They are open to 7:00pm and re-open at 9:00am tomorrow. Do let us know how you get on. 

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I just called Loyalty again, and got hung up on, just as I got through (probably because it's close to finishing time?).


Will try the number you kindly provided, now @ferguson. 🙂


Community Star
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@Catwoman1 The OCEs - or Support Team as they are now known - won't be able to adjust your contract, only the loyalty team can do that. But you are in a strong bargaining position,  you have the right to cancel the service you have just taken, remind them of that. Try this number:  0345 172 5157.

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Hi there @Gliwmaeden2


Thank you, for the swift reply (albeit a tad bit rude).


A router I've been using since 2016, which is seriously out-dated, a security risk due to being in use for over 5 years, is not considered to be in dire need of a replacement??? Yikes, okay...


Yes indeed. The silver-lining (and the most important part) is, the switch to fibre was painless. Lost broadband and phone intermittently for just over an hour, as the engineer worked his magic. 


*Hopefully* the billing part can be resolved. 


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Thank you @ferguson, ever so much, for your reply. You clearly get where I am coming from.


Yes, this is only day eight, since I renewed. Therefore, well within the 20 days. And today, at 12.30pm, fibre went live.

Every time I call loyalty, I just get fobbed off. Hence, resorting to posting on Community, because the OCEs here are usually on the ball, more pro-active and customer centric. Unlike the Live Chat and call centre staff.


Community Star
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@Catwoman1 You have a 20 day cooling off period, are you still within that? In which case you should contact the loyalty team and firmly insist that they put you on the package you require. Also, as a first time fibre customer I believe you are entitled to a WiFi Hub and you should continue to press that point. 

Community Star
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Forum staff can't usually get involved with renewals these days, @Catwoman1, but I'll move this to the billing section, as it's more relevant there.


It sounds like you are technically up and running now, and it's more a matter of the payment structure that needs attention. 


Usually a new router is NOT sent out with renewals if the current one works fine.


It's unlikely that this thread will be picked up today. It will probably be Monday at the earliest before you get a reply now.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.