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charge for engineer visit

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I have been charged unfairly for an engineer visit earlier this year to correct an issue that had nothing to do with me. I returned home from the Christmas break in the beginning of January to find that my broadband and telephone are not working. Everything was fine before I left so something happened while I was away but I have no way of knowing exactly when.

I got in touch with TT who ran some tests remotely and confirmed that there was something wrong with the line so they will send out an engineer. Four day later the issue was not resolved so I got in touch with TT again who run tests again, asked me to reset the router and to check that everything is plugged correctly and 3 hours later they agreed to send an engineer again to check everything within the flat.

The engineer came to visit, found nothing wrong with the equipment in the flat but found that my line was disconnected from the wiring in the main box (which has happened to me in the past as well, when openreach engineers would come to connect other properties- I was not charged for the repair that time).

Now I’m being unfairly charged £75 for something that is not my fault and it is purely an issue created by the engineers. I have tried to dispute with 3 or 4 agents in the chatbox who eventually cut me off or say that the engineer found no fault (so there was no reason to call one!) when they have on their notes that I had no telephone and broadband for 4 days.    

How can I get this reversed? It is clearly unfair and so far your customer service agents have been unwilling to help. Overall appalling service.


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Had similar  after an engineer came out. Got it reversed  after a lot of hassle. Customer  service poor + every agent told me  a. different story


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Hi @el_2024


I can see that the charge has been removed since your last post.




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SNAP I have also just had the same amount charged when the Engineer found a problem with the router and then reset it to its factory settings!!


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The support team here will be happybto look into this for you. Bear in mind though that they won't be back online until Monday.