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3 days with no bband - Tech Support can't even confirm if an Openreach engineer is coming

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I'm so frustrated with this - Wed morning the bband went down, flashing orange light.  Called up, line test, yes there's a fault between the exchange and your property.  Openreach engineer has been booked to investigate, no need to enter your property yada yada.


Check back the next day on my account summary, line says it's fine and working.  No it isn't.  Call up Tech Support, who can barely speak English (profits over quality of service as usual), who start saying they're going to do a line test to determine if an engineer needs booking.


What? No.  Ones been booked already?


"I don't see an engineer booked for you."


Oh come on.


They push for me to go home as I'm at the office to run the line test again, all because they need me to confirm I've restarted the router and done a factory reset.  I said I had already, but they didn't believe me and insisted I had to be at home.


All I wanted was to know if an Openreach engineer is coming to fix the issue at the exchange.  I have to fight their lack of English to understand that's all I want.  Not a line test, not a new booking, yes I still have the issue, when is someone coming.


They finally say they're going to call Openreach.  An hour later they call back saying confirmed, they're monitoring remotely, update in 24 hours.


I call today for an update after 24 hours because of course, no update.  Tech Support start saying they need to run a line test to see if an engineer needs booking.

Jesus! WHAT!?


Just tell me when the engineer is coming!  "Oh yes actually I see Openreach have an open case, here's there phone number."


I'm on the verge of demanding a cancellation after this. Your tech support just role through the checklists without understanding.  How do they not know I, the customer, cannot call Openreach.  They say to get your provider to call for you as they don't talk direct to customers, only the providers.


Why is this so difficult to get fixed and get updates on the progress?


Support Team
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This case is open with Openreach and they have had night team engineers pick this up.  Work has been completed however further work is required. An engineer has been assigned to this case today.






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You'll need to complete your community forum profile details for the forum support team to identify your account. Please add your Talktalk landline number by going via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard. 


Only you and professional staff will have access to your information. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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And unfortunately staff are not usually on here at weekends, @Dynasty2201.


If you still need help, they'll follow this up next week. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.