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Automated response to Formal Complaint

First Timer
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The issue that I have experienced was: Firstly, I have had a long history of intermittent faults and not reaching my minimum download and upload speeds. Usually when the weather gets warmer this is when problems arise. Thus, on the week of the 29th May we were experiencing intermittent faults and extremely low internet speeds. On that day I contacted TalkTalk via live internet chat and I stated very clearly that I would like it noted on my record that I have complained and should this issue continue / arise again I would leave TalkTalk with no fee incurred. My complaint was not noted down on my record as I had explicitly asked. An engineer was sent out to see if he could fix the fault however after 2 weeks the internet was still faulting out and I was not receiving my minimum guaranteed speed. I ran a speed check and I was receiving 0.41Mbps download speed and 0.08Mbps upload speed. This is well below my Minimum of 35Mbps download and 7Mbps upload. So on the 15th June I contacted TalkTalk again via internet live chat. I explained about my previous complaint and stated that I would like to leave. I was told that I would have to wait 30 days according to their policy. When I said I had already complained 2 weeks previously they said that it was not noted down and thus I would have to wait the full month. However, the TalkTalk worker was able to bring up my transcript where it clearly shows that I had asked for a complaint to be noted. This had not been followed through. I then asked for my 30 days to be back dated to the original complaint as it should have been noted when I first complained. I was informed that this was impossible. I asked to speak to the complaints team and was told that I would be contacted within 24 hours. This was changed by TalkTalk to 2 days later than they originally stated. Then on the day I was supposed to be contacted by TalkTalk I wasn't. Then I was informed by text that my complaint had been closed, without ever being contacted. I am still only receiving broadband speeds of 8.48Mbps download and 0.32Mbps upload.


This meant that I have wasted almost 10 hours over the past weeks not only chatting over the internet but formulating this letter and collating the data in order to prove my case. I have been working from home, however I was unable to work properly due to the internet faults, despite TalkTalk supposedly fixing the issues. I have now had to move back into the office to work - thereby putting my health at risk as I am an asthmatic living during a lung targeted pandemic. I cannot afford to not work and thus I have had to make this move. I have experienced sheer frustration that I have tried to use all the correct channels and make a complaint however, I have been pushed aside and made to feel small and like my issue is not important. My own complaint case was closed before i could talk to a single member of TallTalk staff! How unprofessional! I am at my wits end. This has caused me so much stress and anxiety.

I would like a formal apology for the way I have been treated, my instructions not being taken seriously and my complaint case being completely ignored. I would like for my policy guided 30 days, to leave without fee, to be back dated to the 29th May when I first complained so that I can leave TalkTalk on the 29th June. In actual fact, I feel that for what I have been through I should have the fee to leave be completely waived and for my contract to be terminated immediately so I can change providers to someone who might communicate more effectively.


I have sent the above complaint to TalkTalk. I have now received an automated response telling me to contact them by phone or live chat which I have had no luck with throughout this whole situation. I don't know what to do now. I feel that even my formal complaint is being ignored. I need to know where I can direct my formal complaint to have it logged and addressed. 


If this will get me noticed and I can receive some actual help, that would be appreciated.



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Hi Molly,


Would you like us to arrange for someone from our tech team to contact you directly?





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Thank you. I'm not sure what you'd be able to do. I would just like for someone at TalkTalk to contact me and actually take my complaint seriously. I am able to call out an engineer as I have done multiple times but nothing seems to fix the problem completely.

Support Team
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Hi Molly,


I'm sorry to hear this. Would you like us to take a look at your connection for you here?