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Broadband help

For queries about your TalkTalk broadband service.

Cancel my contract

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Just been moved from shell energy to talk talk and the broadband speed is rubbish and costumer service is a joke...can I cancel my contract 


Support Team
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Hi JAMES0123


We have only taken over your billing, the actual broadband service/Line is not effected as there has been no change.


If you are still in contract there will be cancellation charges. 

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As i understand it from previous queries, your contract continues until its end with TalkTalk rather than Shell.


I'm not giving this a a categoric answer, but responding regarding your speed issues.


If you can give details of the issues here, and what steps you have tried to rectify, staff will pick up here and run tests and hopefully provide a solution. The staff here are very good at solving issues, but it is a forum response only.


As to Shell, I understand that they were actually using TalkTalk infrastructure, so the switch shouldn't have been the cause of any issues you are now facing.


As said please provide more information and staff will respond shortly.


Thank you.

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