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DNS losing connection overnight

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Hi, I hope someone can help with the below.


I'm waking up every day to my devices unable to connect outside my local network.  I'm able to connect to the Talk Talk router (at and my Asus AiMesh ( but unable to get anything outside my network.


White light is on the box, and it still thinks it's connected when you view the home page. 

It's a Sagemcom FAST 5364-3.T8

Firmware version: SG4K10002816t


I know for 100% that it's DNS related - as to fix it each day I have to go into the settings on the router, and change the DNS to something else (currently set to and and it will then realise that it's connected.  It doesn't even need to redial - things just come back (a reboot obviously works too).  I've been doing this for probably the last month - but it's starting to get pretty annoying.


Can anyone please help?

King regards,



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Hi ganders75


Thanks for letting us know.




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@Debbie-TalkTalk I've changed the settings so that all the connected devices go direct to an external DNS provider via DHCP - and I haven't seen the issue occur again.  I think this is a work-around I can live with until the update is released.


Thanks for the confirmation of the known issue.  I'm still waiting on the release of the update - but I'll keep an eye out for the new firmware.

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Hi Geoff


We are currently rolling out new firmware for the Sagemcom hub and this should resolve the DNS issue.


The firmware is being rolled out in batches so I can't say for certain when your router will be updated. The updates usually happen overnight.


Would you like me to send a Huawei WIFI hub or are you ok to wait for the FW update?





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Hi @ganders75,


There is indeed a known DNS resolution issue with the version of firmware that you are running on your Sagemcom router. A new version of firmware is being rolled out at the moment that will resolve this issue. It is currently being rolled out to customers in batches, and will auto install overnight at some point fairly soon. So hopefully you will see the firmware version change overnight reasonably soon, and that should resolve these issues for you.