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Going quietly insane

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Rubbish week in terms of webpages not quite loading; effectively grinding internet service to a halt.

Mixed it up, in terms of remedial action. Sometimes switching router off few minutes sufficed if not pinhole reset. In event of both methods failing, adopted my recently learned 30 minute unplug/switch-off of router (unsure if one and same - just to be sure I don't only switch it off, but also unplug)

Carrying out any one of these actions multiple times a day since Monday - one way or another.

Owing to be unable to gripe here (without internet;) was reduced to dreaded step - calling TT customer service.

Advisor's solution - to ensure I had micro-filters in any extra phone sockets in my flat seemed to solve the problem for 24 hrs. Yet to work out how that step could make any difference, particularly as one socket is is unused and has no phone in it, but who am I to argue - whatever may work I'm happy to give a go to.

Fit of pique today - dredged up Huawei HG633 router - TT issued me with before this DG804W-2

All lights are on 🙏🙌 & so far so good.

Am I therefore correct coming to conclusion that DG804W.2 was unhappy in some way; despite giving no indication by emitting anything other than white light (other than in restart mode obviously) ?

Other point I think may be worth querying is that I note some planned maintenance works are due to take place overnight, tonight.

Seem to recall similar glitch to service, especially to email, when service had spate of maintenance works - going back good few years now, I think.

Could be making something out of nothing but wonder if maintenance is going on and upsetting some services, even now or that maintenance has been determined as needed owing  to some routers appearing to struggle in some way?

Hoping OCE Debbie or Chris can feed back feed any thoughts on their return on Monday?

Thanks so much


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I'm sorry to hear this. The connection now looks stable for almost 2 days so I've optimised the connection now. Please can you run a speed test so we can see how the speeds compare now that the HG633 router is connected.





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Hi @Skynet_TX 

Thanks for all your helpful comments

Yes, really couldn't figure the micro-filter dangling from empty socket so will remove it ; )

My speeds are staggeringly slow, currently running at 3.8Mbps down; 0.8 up 

Max we reach is around 8 mbps down and 3.0 up; used to the poor looking results -

I don't down or upload much at all so not overly concerned.  Teen son gets vexed when performing downloads onto console obviously. Beyond that as long as speed is sufficient for pages to load, I'm not overly concerned -

Be glad in many respects if it is the happy enough looking bright white lighted router that is at fault - rather than some tangled wiring some point along it's length.

Around 5yrs ago the wiring was causing fault, resulting in 4 Open-Reach engineers - each offering different prognosis'; before one guy spent between 4-5 hours on site,  reworking length of it from junction to junction.

At that time the router I've now returned to was only version we had - think I'm probably still struggling PTSD, result of seeing its internet signalling light turn red and said teen having what BT call in their ad - broadband rage - grim, nightmare time : )

Now ensure he has more than enough data in mobile phone package - ditto his siblings - so I'm about the only one directly impacted by router failings ;

Thanks again

- See what Debbie / Chris suggest come Monday

Enjoy rest of weekend : )



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Hi @nicky62,


Will be interesting to see how the HG633 behaves over the coming days, as if that behaves well then it is pointing to the DG8041W being faulty. I have had issues in the past with the DG8041W suddenly dropping speeds to virtually nothing (I normally get about 37.5mbps).


In terms of microfilters, you must use one in every phone socket that has something plugged into it, but you should not plug a microfilter into a socket that is not in use (i.e. don't just have a microfilter dangling out of an unused socket).


Staff here will be back on Monday to assist further.