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I want to speak to a person about renewing contract, or moving on

First Timer
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I need to speak to a TT person LIVE on the phone about my contract. I don't understand what they have written to me, and time is running out as I'm looking at PlusNet alternative, valid till 14th April.. 

They have credited me several hundred pounds due to an outage which I contacted Ofcom about, but I can't see this on my bill - only the first offer of far less. 

I can't see whether unlimited phone is included or not - statements differ down the page, either limited, or boost unlimited - but suggests all art of package! FasterBB - renew £25, next paragraph, £22.

  Please give me phone number so I can talk to relevant person who can explain.


Support Team
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Hi @Blackcurrent


Sorry that you are having problem. 


You can call our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 18:00pm) on 03451720046 03451725157


I'm sure they can help. 






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I suggest you speak to the Loyalty Team

0345 172 0046 is currently working. 

Opening Hours can be found here -

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