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Internet constantly cutting off

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Hi there,


First I want to apologise for my English, its not my strongest side!


So, as you probably already guessed, my internet is cutting off constantly. I red another posts and I saw there were few suggestions already, let me clear them off (the ones I tried and did not help), but let me start explaining what happens with my internet.


Basically for the last two months my internet is "blinking" (drops for few seconds and comes back), during that period the router light goes from solid white to flashing red(orange?), after a minute goes to flashing red/white and back to solid white. That may happen once per night or 5 times for 15 minutes. I already have spoken to people in the live chat service, they had the same message when they ran the test, there is an issue with the line, there was an outage in the area (for 2 months?). Anyway, they said the engineers are on site and the problem will be fixed by tomorrow (at least a week ago). Writing all this down because my internet went down tonight at least 5 times for the past hour and the connection its very slow for fibre (11mbps, 167 ping, see pictures). I am getting very annoyed.


Things to know and that I already tried:

1st. - My main wall socket is "5C" and its all plugged correctly.

2nd. - My router is the "the game changer HUB" and the power cable its plugged correctly.

3rd. - When internet goes down all my devices are disconnected (wired/wireless).

4th. - I already ran the self test from the "Service centre" and there are two type of messages:

A) - "It looks like you've gone offline. This happens sometimes. You can usually fix the issue by powering off the router at the wall for 20 mins. Once you've done that, turn it back on and you should be able to get back online. (I receive this message even when my internet is back online)

B) - Some issue have been found on my line and to start troubleshooting.


So, I feel like I have to mention that (so there is no silly questions), I am a network engineer and my home network its all fine. My network was rock solid before and I was recommending it as a very reliable internet service in the area, but you kind a make me change my mind.


Please contact me so we can solve that problem ASAP. Do not have to mention that in my profession I rely on that connection.








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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk ,


Thank you sooo much, to you and to @Michelle-TalkTalk !


Once I receive the router and place it, I will monitor my connection for about 48h (fingers crossed will be all fine) and I'll come back to you with the result.

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Hi icbaibic


The router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.






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Hi @Michelle-TalkTalk ,


Unfortunately I do not know from which company the engineer was as he did not have any clothing representing the company and the van was white with no stickers on it. He might mentioned it but to be honest I do not remember.

About the phone line noice, I can not help you there as I use the line only for broadband.

I haven't tried with another router as I do not have the PPPoE details. The options are to get this details and to put a DrayTek(or another), or to send me another hub. Both of the solutions are fine with me, all I want is to end with this.



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Support Team
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Hi icbaibic,


I'm sorry to hear this. I've run a test on the line now which is clear, however I can see re-connections on the line. Was this an Openreach or TalkTalk engineer? Is the voice service clear with no noise on the line? Have you ever tested with a different router? If not then I think we should send a replacement router for testing to rule this out?





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Hi @Michelle-TalkTalk ,


Thank you for your response!


Basically, my issue still persist!


Finally I managed to get engineer booked. Yesterday was the day of the true... The engineer came in to my house, saw that I have internet connection ATM, checked all the cables are in place and plugged in correctly, I did speed test as he requested on my desktop PC, he checked the phone line cable that is coming in from outside its all good, basically everything that I already did, I even tested the cables if they are not damaged or so with my own equipment.


The result:

Countless annoying conversations with TalkTalk representatives which probably don't have note system in place, every each time I had to explain all over again my problem, what type of socket I had, if it is plugged in correctly, to wait until they do the same test again and again, and again, and again...

After the engineer was on site, I received an email stating my issue was solved. MIRACLE! Until my internet went down 3 times last night. Today I spoke with them again, and after explaining all of the above AGAIN, they send me an email with link to a guide "What to do if your internet is down" I even have the conversations saved, the representative was explaining me that this guide will solve my problem, but it didn't!


Man, I am getting frustrated not only from my connection dropping off, also from the support team, feels like I am in the hell circle, explaining and doing the same over and over again with no results...


Sorry, I know its not your fault its just...


Can someone help me further or at least tell me who to contact so I can get this issue solved?

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Support Team
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Hi icbaibic,


I'm sorry for the delay. How are you getting on? Do you still need assistance with this?





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Thank you @Gliwmaeden2 for your replay!


Just going to call them, I was literally waiting 9am.


Have a nice day! (;

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@icbaibic, there is phone help today, after 9am (not Sunday):


03451 720046


Chat is available every day. It shows with a blue background banner when available:


Full opening hours are also detailed on there. 


Forum staff are unlikely to reply before Monday. They don't usually work weekends. Please look out for their reply. 


They will need you to complete your community forum profile details. Go via your avatar/name; settings; Profile Wizard. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.