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For queries about your TalkTalk broadband service.

Just called to to start my cancellation.

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Hello, i just informed last night that i wish to cancel service Fibre 65, after my latest 2 year contract has now ended at the end of December there.


I received a call back from 08009555544 and went through this cancellation, however the background noise was terrible (lots of people clapping, loud noises, sounded like a party, or a loud TV was on)


However I wanted to ask here as I am told I would receive a final email, with more information, (not arrived yet) and RE final bill, however my next payment is due today, do I pay this or wait a final bill after the service is closed, I was also told this can take 7 days.


The phoneline (copper cables) itself isn't being taken over by the new provider, (but still cancelling as it is not going to be actually used for phone calls etc) as I am getting a new 900MB FTTP connection, not using the phone line itself.


Can you advise if or when this will be completely disconnected and when the final bill arrives, will that be paid alongside the one that is due, etc, thanks.


(I have used TalkTalk for over 6 years, but felt the need for a newer, cheaper, faster Fibre connection)

(my new provider also states that they do not increase the price of the payments within the contract period, which itself is a bonus)

John Ross

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Hi Johnross000 


I can confirm that the cease is due to complete 11/02/2024 




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I am again on the phone to them, trying to keep me as a customer, again more offers that I am not wanting, yet.


This time I was asked which cancellation i wanted to give

- option A - To give 30 days cancellation of the complete service

- option B - To give a 7 day takeover notice.


I was not given any option like this on my last call, so feel it must have been assumed it was a takeover, rather than option A.

even though I informed the said 'cancellation, or 'loyalty' team that it was FTTP I was getting instead of using the line.


now backdated cancellation on 12th, so is now cancelling on 11th February - hopefully.


John Ross

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Hi Johnross000


Sorry that you have decided to leave us,  I have checked your account and cannot see a cancellation order on the account I can only apologize.  


Best option would be to call the loyalty team on 03451720088 The will be able to place the cancel.


Sorry again for any inconvenience caused 


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Leave your Direct Debit in place until you receive an invoice for £0.00, @Johnross000.


Tomorrow's payment must go through - that bill cannot be changed at this stage as you only cancelled yesterday and the bill in the system was made up c a week ago.


You need to give Talktalk 30 days' notice, so that's only just started. That takes you beyond your current 30 day billing cycle. 


So keep paying as these bills roll in in the normal way. Any unused days beyond the 30 day notice period will be reimbursed to My Account in a subsequent bill. You then claim it back to your bank account via the same details they use for DD.


Hence why it is so important to leave the DD in place.


Any doubts about whether the cancellation was processed: contact via phone on Saturday or Chat over the weekend.


Staff are not back on here before Monday. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.