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Moving house

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I recently moved house and I want to continue with Talk Talk. When I informed Talk Talk about my new address I was told my Internet would go live on 17th August at the new address and that an engineer would come and install the internet. I also had to choose Talk Talk Tv for my installation at my new address which I am not interested in. I just want the broadband and I already have the router. Is it really necessary for an engineer to install anything and can I cancel the Talk Talk Tv somehow?


Many thanks in advance



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It rather depends which package you have ordered, @Kejvo, and what the current set up is at your new house.


All this would have been better discussed over the phone, but you will need to phone anyway to get the telly part removed, if there's a £4.00 fee for it.


Confusingly, TV is named in the package whether you want it or not, so to clarify everything, phone 03451 720046 after 9am. They close 7pm weekdays  6pm on Saturdays and not open on Sundays. 


You may find that they say that it cannot be removed until you have "gone live", as they can't change a pending order.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.