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No internet for more than 1 week

First Timer
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  Being with TalkTalk for over 2 years, I have never had any issues before. Last Tuesday morning however, the internet just stopped working. The router was just showing a flashing amber light which was becoming steady after some time. Also my router was not showing in the list of available connections on my devices. 


  I have decided immediately to contact TalkTalk and went to the website, on my account. I have contacted someone through the chat and was told to do some tests: restart the router/switch it on and off etc. I have done that but at the end I was told that I have to switch the router off for 20 min. After that I have to come back if still not working. Of course, that did not work and I have decided to get in touch again explaining the situation. This time I have called using the phone and the person has started to ask me to do the same tests again. Obviously I have explained that I have done these tests already and the internet is still not working. At the end of the conversation I was told that I will be called by someone, so not to "worry". 

So I have been patiently waiting for 2 more days, thinking that someone is looking after my problem.

Friday I called again, to ask about the progress but I was really surprised when the person at the other end told me he is not aware of any issue reported by me ... After insisting, he transferred my call to someone else which told me that "apparently" they found an issue after all with the router, and a new router has been ordered, so I have to wait 2-3 days for it to arrive. 


Next week, Monday, again through the chat I have tried to check what was happening, has the router been sent or not, when is it coming? Once again I was quite shocked to be told that they do not know what I was talking about: they do not know about any router being ordered ... When I have asked what has been done to fix my issue I did not get a clear reply but once again was asked to do the TESTS with the router ... I thought this was a bad joke or a mistake, have left the chat and gave a call to the tech support. I was sure that they must know about my issue. When the guy picked up the phone and confirmed my identity, again he could not tell me what was the status of the issue I have reported. Instead started to ask me to perform some TESTS on the router ... I was very frustrated, so probably raised my voice because the guy just started also to shout back that he cannot "hear me" and that he will terminate my call if I do not reply. He said that three times, but quite fast and in a way that made clear that he was "pretending" not to hear me. When I called back nobody was replying .... So that was not very professional ...

I went back to the chat. Again the guy is asking to repeat the TESTS on the router. This time I have insisted to get a reference number for the IT ticket, because I was not sure if anyone had recorded anywhere my issue. This time, after 1h or more, I was told  that it looks like there is an issue with my line so they will "try" to "prioritise" the ticket and send an engineer. For the first time someone was mentioning the words ticket and engineer which seemed like a big breakthrough. Was told again to wait a few days and that I will be kept informed.

That was yesterday, today I am still waiting and I still have no internet, one week after the issue has started ...



The things that I think are NOT alright:

- The website does not allow to easily report an issue, this could be a ticket or something similar which I could see from my account. This would show exactly what has been reported. At the moment the only thing you see is a message saying that there is an issue reported and someone is working on it ... 

- The tech support doesn't seem to be very efficient (and probably not very understanding). Why those people are asking to repeat the same thing again and again? Why I was given conflicting information?


Feeling a bit let down by TalkTalk support team ...









Support Team
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Hi allcoo_crawley


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Please can you add your name and TalkTalk landline number to your Community Profile, we can then look into this further.