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Retaining talktalk email address.

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Hi. Hope someone can advise. I used to be with Talktalk many years ago and kept using my email address on webmail and am now paying £5 a month to keep that address. I'm thinking of returning to Talktalk and have been told on chat that once I rejoin I wouldn't need to continue paying the £5 fee. However on trying to sign up it tells me I can't because there is already an account with that email address. I could sign up with an alternative address but then not sure whether I can then transfer to my Talktalk one. The chat service seem unable to advise and said  should be able to but couldn't guarantee it. I don't want to sign up and then find out I still need to pay £5 to retain the Talktalk email address. Thanks.


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Hi Bacupite 


You must sign up for a TalkTalk Consumer home broadband package using a non-TalkTalk email address. 


Then when the service is live and your customer MyAccount and its non-TalkTalk login is fully working then you can add the existing TalkTalk Mail address and that will be transferred from the current MailPlus MyAccount to the new MyAccount and the subscription will automatically cease.


The only rider to that is if you rejoin with a Future Fibre service. There's no TalkTalk Mail at present in the Future Fibre MyAccount but that will be added in due course. The TalkTalk Support team will keep your current MyAccount active but cease the MailPlus subscription. 

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